The walkie talkie that Larry gave to me. I can use this to call him from upstairs.
Sal Fisher, profiling the Walkie Talkie.

Walkie Talkie is the device that Larry and Sal used. Sal can use this to call him from anywhere, outside Larry's room.

Introduction in the gameEdit

Larry revealed with Sal about a murder that he witnessed in the room 403 and Larry got an idea that he will make a fake call that an armed robbery at a gas station or a drug store in order to distract the police long enough for Sal to sneak into the room so he can find some kind of evidence to show the detective and he gave Sal one of his walkie talkies to communicate during the whole thing.

In Episode 2, Sal calls Larry up 504 to meet Megan but she didn't appear.

Later, Todd modified it with some equipment into the Super Gear Boy. However, Todd needed a few extra parts from Sal's Walkie Talkie. Sal will not able to use the Walkie Talkie after that.

How to useEdit

The player just need to press the "Shift" button to call Larry.