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VHS tapes can be seen throughout various areas in The Trial.  When a tape is obtained, the player’s screen glitches into a dark room in front of a TV, connected to 9 video cassette recorders. Each tapes projects a woman recording her confusion and desperation of escape from the plane she's in.

Throughout these tapes, the woman is seen slowly deteriorating, both physically and mentally. Her face started to crack as her eyes slowly white out. She becomes more and more deranged and hostile as she becomes more desperate for an escape from the prison she’s trapped in. 

Tape Dialogues Edit

A total of 9 tapes can be found throughout The Trial. 

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.


"Hello? Is anyone listening? Is anyone there? Please, I need help… I… I can’t remember… who I am. It’s so dark here. I remember a blinding light, then a burning pain washed over me. Then I was here. I can’t shake this feeling of loss and despair. Am I… dead?"


"I saw a faded shape of a man. There’s something important about him, I can feel it. Like a distant memory itching at the back of my skull. His image is fleeting, it flickers in and out of view. It’s as if he’s trapped in a parallel reality. A phantom, just out of reach. Or perhaps I am the phantom and he resides in the land of the living? I’ve cried for his attention but I don’t think that he can see or hear me."


"There are others here, parallel to this place, like the man. Though, not significant like he seems to be. They are harder to see and appear less often. And something else… Something ominous lurks beyond my vision. Even though my senses can’t make it out, I can feel its presence. I can feel its gaze piercing through me. What’s left of my humanity is crumbling away in this void. I fear what I am to become in such endless isolation."


"Why?! Thy won’t you answer me?! Every passing moment, just silently staring down upon me with no remorse. They’re gathering as we speak and they mean to open a vortex. Perhaps into this world. A bridge between us and them. Does this not arouse your attention in any way at all?! Sometimes I wonder if you’re even real. If there’s anyone behind that lens or just a corpse decaying at a helm; my pleas for help infinitely echoing into the vast emptiness of death."


"Hunger has been tearing at my stomach and yet I don’t die. How long has it been? It’s impossible to tell, in this endless night. How long must I rot in this fucking prison?! No food! No light! No sleep! No contact! Nothing! Nothing… just glimpses of life beyond my reach. I wish they would open up that goddamn vortex already. I wish they would tear this world apart. I wish this would all end. I need this to end."


"[mumbling] It’s not here. She’s not alive anymore. And we won’t be. We’re so hungry now. And this skin. This fucking skin! It’s so itchy. Why? This skin isn’t mine. The skin. Isn’t mine. It’s not mine."


"The ghosts. So full of life. Strong, healthy blood. Tender meat. Oh, how we crave their flesh. Yet, they deny us… Soon. Soon, we will be there. And they will have called. And we will have answered. The floor is moist. Is this me? There is nothing left. We have consumed."


"Why do they torment us so! Slipping from our grasp! These filthy fucking pigs! They are swine at the feet of god! Animal corpses dragging their claws about and scurrying across the dirt, rearranging things! Always rearranging! We will annihilate every molecule of their pitiful existence!!"

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(When this tape is played, the whole screen shakes. The woman’s skin is dark, looking as if she’s already corrupted by the dark, and her eyes were devoid of color. The woman says nothing, but the screen breaks and then turns to static.)

End of spoiler warning