The Unknown Man (also known as ???, as of The Trial) is a character in Sally Face who appears in 504 Room (in Strange Neighbors) and 501 (in The Trial) and vanishes without a trace throughout the game.


The Unknown Man is a very shaggy and dirty individual. He wears a purple shirt and grey pants, both torn and tattered, likely from age.


The Unknown Man is cryptic and enigmatic, both in origin and in speech. His words show him to be somber and regretful of his condition and imprisonment at the hands of "the darkness [that] binds".


Not much of anything is known of the Unknown Man, but he seems to have some knowledge on the activities of the Red-Eyed Demon and the Devourers of God.

He spends his days wallowing and weeping on floor five of Addison Apartments, with his presence being known primarily (and possibly only) by Chug before the arrival of Sal Fisher.

On the day of Sandy Sanderson's murder at the hands of Charley Mansfield, Sal meets the Unknown Man briefly in room 504 only to be given an ominous warning before he vanished.

The Unknown Man crosses paths with Sal, accompanied by Larry Johnson, on the day of the Red-Eyes Infestation in room 501, issuing another warning of what was to come before disappearing once more.

After Larry committed suicide and was sequentially shackled to the spectral plane, the Unknown Man utters one final warning before being removed altogether. His fate following the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments remains unclear.


  • It's clear to assume that he is a ghost, due to his nature of disappearing without trace.
    • He is also the first ghost that Sal encountered.
  • He and Alyson Rosenberg are the only characters that appear capable of traversing the physical and spectral planes, free from limits that the other ghosts have.
  • He speaks in gibberish, as pointed out by Larry.


Strange Neighbors

The Trial