Travis Phelps is a character who made his first appearance in “The Bologna Incident”. He is the son of Kenneth Phelps, the preacher who owns the Phelps Ministry, a local church in Nockfell. In the past, he frequently bullied Sal Fisher and his friends, often with the use of homophobic language. He is later revealed to be a closeted homosexual and is deeply insecure about it.


Travis has olive skin and blonde hair with one swollen eye (likely originating from a bruise). In "Memories and Dreams", his hair has grown to shoulder length and he has red eyes from being possessed by the Plague of Shadows.

He wears a light purple shirt and blue shorts with green shoes and grey socks.


At first glance, he is seen as a typical bully that tortures Sal, and is treated aggressively by the boy's friends in turn, but in actuality, he is a scared kid afraid of his own sexuality due to his zealot father.

It is noted that Travis has no regards with how he treats other people as he has been shown to call Ash a "bitch" and later calls Sal and Larry "flamers" while also claiming he "thought he smelled trash" hinting at them in the cafeteria. Meaning not only does he bully Sal, but tries to insult the rest of the friend circle.

His father had taught him all his life that feeling attracted to his own sex is abnormal and shameful. Thus, causing him to spout hateful comments towards others. Travis is afraid to be seen as a good child in the eyes of others, seeing it as a sign of weakness like his father sees homosexuality as weakness.

Although he has doubts about his religion and its conflicting messages regarding the morality of his sexuality, he is usually a religious kid and tries to encourage others to attend the Phelps Ministry.

Travis also appears to enjoy Bologna Day as was stated by Ashley to be "the crappiest lunch day".


Travis is the son of a Christian pastor. His family has owned and run the local church, the Phelps Ministry, for almost three centuries. Growing up in a strict and religious household and being forced to repress his own sexuality causes him to lash out at others, especially Sal Fisher, on numerous occasions.

One such occasion was the day before bologna day; in the same classroom with Sal. He is seen glaring at Sal as the teacher, Mrs. Packerton, speaks to him during testing. Then Travis is reprimanded by the teacher to turn back to his paper.

After class Travis begins to heckle Sal with insults and homophobic slurs in the school hallway. After a short exchange of wits, Travis punches Sal across the face, drawing blood in the process, before running off.

On Bologna Day, Travis sits by himself, accompanied only by fliers for the Phelps Ministry, throwing insults at Sal and his gang at every opportunity.

After successfully obtaining a sample of the school's bologna. Sal meets up with Travis in the boy's bathroom where a crumpled up note written by him is found on the floor next to a garbage can:

I know we don't really know each other and you probably have your opinions of me. I thought maybe if I told you how I feel, things could be different.

The truth is, I can't stop thinking about you. I'm crazy about you. I think you're amazing! But I know these feelings are wrong. It's not the way a boy should feel. Shame swallows me whole. My father would kill me but I can't live in his shadow forever I just...

Travis's note

Travis is not directly seen crying but is implied as Sal chats with him. He confesses to Sal that he does not really hate him or his friends. After having a heart to heart conversation with Sal he gives him an envelope which contains a page from Jim's journal.

Travis may have become good friends with Sal as he was present at the boy's trial despite not losing any loved ones in the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments. He was present when Sal was sentenced to death.

In the days that followed Sal's execution, Travis acted as an informant for Ashley and Neil from within the Devourers of God, feeding them critical information about their activities and inner workings, details sufficient to destroy the Phelps Ministry and the temple below.

Travis tried to persuade Ash to leave the church when both Neil and Maple were captured but brusquely forced Ash to leave regardless if she had the will to destroy the temple or not. The two since fell out of contact, but the boy's chance to redeem himself came as the final stages of the cult's plan came into fruition.

Travis drove a blade into the stomach of his infected father, who admonished the boy for his betrayal but was met with resentment. In the end, Travis gave his life so the Void could be closed and played a key role in the fall of the Dark.


  • Travis is one of three characters in the games to be homosexual, the other being Todd Morrison and Neil.
  • Travis never came out in the gap between The Bologna Incident and The Trial, but Sal continued trying to help him. [1]
  • It is implied that Travis's note was for Sal. This is hinted at due to his seemingly nervous mannerisms while chatting with Sal.
  • His black eye could be an indication that he is physically abused by his father, or that he fights with other students often (or both).
  • Travis sits alone at the table during lunch, possibly indicating that he may not have many if any friends to socialize with. Sal tells him that if he "took that stick out of his ass, [he] may actually enjoy [himself] for once. Maybe even make a friend or two."


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