• Since you changed the order for Herman's sprites since he's a ghost, would you prefer the sprites for Sal and the others be changed as well to reflect how they currently are in the story?

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    • Yeah, let's put all of their appearances in "Episode 4" as their first picture, then we go in order of "Episode 1", "Episode 2", and "Episode 3", as much as they have available.

      And once "Episode 5" has released, we should move their "Episode 4" appearances below (or to the right of) their "Episode 3" appearances. With "Episode 5" Appearances replacing their "Episode 4" appearance on the profile.

      That is to show their "current" appearances.

      Had to consider on this for awhile, which is why I didn't answer immediately.

      EDIT: Forgot to add one more sentence mentioned up above.

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    • Alright, it is done.

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