Sal Fisher, otherwise known as "Sally Face", is the titular main protagonist of the game.


Sal has one blue eye and one glass blue eye. He wears a prosthetic face mask which is usually seen as creepy by others. His mask is primarily white with a darker patch over the right eye. He keeps his bright blue hair tied up in two pigtails and has two piercings in each ear. Sal is most consistently seen wearing a black sweater, ripped red jeans, and blue and white sneakers.

Sal can also be seen as a bit short.

While out in the snow he wears a pair of blue fingerless mittens and green earmuffs.

Throughout the series, he is also sometimes seen with his hair out of the pigtails, and in college and flash-forwards, he wears his hair down and is wearing his teenage clothes (former)/an orange prison jumpsuit (latter).


Sal was an adventurous teenage boy. He seemed to be resourceful and had the ability to keep his cool during stressful situations, as seen through his interactions with ghosts. He came off as friendly and polite regardless of rude or frightened responses he may get from people who are reacting to his prosthetic and was openly affectionate of his friends. Sal frequently offered a listening ear or kind word to others, even to those who have been unfriendly to him, as evidenced in "The Bologna Incident" when he comforted a crying Travis in the boy's bathroom. His compassion and willingness to help people regardless of their appearance or standoffish behavior was demonstrated time and again. Though he was a kind person, Sal was capable of snapping back at those who try to hurt him through the use of sarcasm.

In "The Bologna Incident", his quick wit was demonstrated in response to bullying from Travis. He did not report the resulting punch in the face from Travis, however, and he did not correct comments made towards him out of ignorance rather than malice (such as when Miss Rosenberg misgenders him), suggesting that he didn't like confrontation. He also didn't seem to approve of violence, as he protested when his friends even jokingly threaten to kill Travis for bullying Sal.

In flash-forwards, Sal appeared to be significantly more jaded and less trusting of others. He was well educated and enjoyed learning, though he was seen seemingly wandering off in class. It is not known whether or not this is common.


Sal at Age 3

At an unknown time during Sal's childhood, the Fisher family went on a picnic to a scenic and sunny location, where a young Sal finds a dog and is eager to pet it. After some prodding, his mother consents and allows Sal to visit the animal. What follows is a mystery, but it is likely that the dog attacked Sal and injured him horribly. While the public seems to believe that it was the same feral dog that claimed the life of Diane Fisher, Sal is adamant that it was a man that took his mother away from him.

After a fateful visit to the hospital, Sal had to adapt to a new life with his prosthetic face and internalized the nickname bullies would later give him: Sally Face.

Sal's Move to Addison Apartments

Unknown circumstances ripped the two remaining members of the Fisher family from New Jersey and into the mysterious abode of Addison Apartments Room 402.

Halfway through unpacking, Sal decided to take a break, and, after sharing his feelings about the move to his father, left to explore the complex. After meeting the lovely Lisa Johnson Sal is introduced to Lisa's heavy metal loving son Larry Johnson who quickly became friends with the newcomer.

After Larry confided within Sal the details of Mrs. Sanderson's murder at the hands of Charley Mansfield, the boy is quick to offer his assistance. After devising a plan of action and receiving a Walkie Talkie from Larry, Sal returns to his room and a blackout drunk father to await his friend's signal.

After the officers are pulled away by a fake report of a robbery, Sal enters Room 403 and witnesses the carnage committed by Mansfield, the body outline of Sanderson, and an empty space between two Glitter Ponies.

Upon returning to Larry, they decided that they had to retrieve the stolen Glitter Pony from Charley and turn it into the authorities. A quick visit to Charley's room made it clear to Sal that the collector wouldn't let him anywhere near his toys, so he had to find another way.

When visiting the fifth floor, Sal finds old laxatives in the bathroom of Room 504 and the ghost of the young Megan Holmes, but the supernatural being is too scared to speak to Sal for long. Regardless, Sal continued with his plan.

After adding the laxatives to a cup of Addison Tea, Sal managed to get Charley to abandon his watch over his beloved collection to attend to more pressing concerns in the restroom. Sal snags the toy and turns it into the Detective on the first floor. Mansfield is arrested and hauled away.

When Sal leaves the apartment to see Charley off, curiosity pulls him towards a coroner's van, where Mrs. Sanderson's decaying corpse lay, bagged, and awaiting processing.

Nightmares of Mansfield

A few months into Sal's stay at Addison Apartment, he began to become plagued by nightmares. One particular dream places him at the picnic where his mother was murdered, and later shifted into Larry's shoes when he was fixing the toilet for Sandy Sanderson on the day of her demise.

After being devoured by the toilet, Sal meets the Glitter Pony he used to incriminate Charley, begging for water. When the plumbing is restored, the Glitter Pony becomes bloated, serving as a bridge for Sal to return to the "surface" to witness Mansfield murder Sanderson. A trail of bloodied footprints leads to a seated Charley Mansfield, admonishing Sal for his actions. Sal is jolted from sleep when Charley's skin peels off to reveal a coal-black demon with red eyes.

A Dark Secret

Sal confides the details of his most recent vision in Larry, who is skeptical of the whole thing. Despite this, Johnson takes Fisher to his Tree House to tell him the story of his past. Sal immediately recognizes the Red-Eyed Demon from Larry's story (having seen it in the apartment's kitchen on his first day) and offers to help lift his "curse". After retrieving an enigmatic Puzzle Box from a trunk containing the possessions of Larry's father Jim Johnson, the two return indoors. This builds the trust between the two and drives them closer between Friends.

Meeting the Others

After a failed attempt to summon Megan Holmes from the bathroom of room 504, Larry refers Sal to Todd Morrison, the resident brainiac, and believer in the unknown. Sal, eager to show Larry that spirits do exist, doesn't hesitate to pay Todd a visit.

Upon entering Todd's apartment Room 202, Sal meets Ashley Campbell. Morrison agrees to help Fisher by modifying his Gear Boy to better detect supernatural activity. After cannibalizing Larry's radio antennae and Walkie Talkie, the device was ready for testing in Todd's restroom. It was here that they draw out the weeping ghost of Greg Montague who is quickly scared away by Red Eyes.

Todd recovers from the initial shock of the supernatural occurrences and advises Sal to test it further while he did some digging into the history of the murders in Addison Apartments. Sal's tests lead to the discovery of various symbols throughout the apartment complex and The Phantom of Jim Johnson. Sal doesn't share any of his discoveries with his friends.

When Megan remained hidden, even with the improved tracking device, Sal returned to Todd and learned that the officers that arrested Charley were not registered in the police database and the Charley Mansfield that was arrested looked nothing like the one they knew. Additionally, old reports of Megan's corpse being found by Lake Wendigo shows pictures of the girl when she was still alive.

Sal retrieves Megan's necklace from the same lost found that held the Supernatural Gear Boy Cartridge, brings Larry back to Room 504, and uses the Super Gear Boy and Crucifix Necklace to successfully draw out Megan Holmes.

After yet another brief interaction that revealed a friendship between Jim Johnson and Megan's father Luke Holmes, she is scared away by Red Eyes, leaving an awestruck Larry Johnson and Sal Fisher behind.

Sal and Larry agreed that the apartment room warranted further investigation. Larry left Sal to retrieve a crowbar from David, a former drug addict, while he returned to care for his sick mother.

A visit inside of David's Room 302 led Sal to the discovery of the missing piece to Jim Johnson's Puzzle Box. Before returning the crowbar to Larry, Sal solved the box to discover an odd Computer Chip inside. When the chip merges with Todd's computer, the Phantom gives Sal a garbled message about a "red ball" and morphing the Puzzle Box into a Rubix Cube, something that goes unnoticed by both Todd and Larry.

Using the crowbar to break into Room 403, Sal converses briefly with the spirit of the recently deceased Mrs. Sanderson, before she too is frightened away by the demon.

Upon entering the hole, Sal discovers the eviscerated spirit of Stacy Holmes in an upturned bed's springs and the hanging corpse of Luke Holmes. When Sal attempts to speak with it, the corpse sheds its skin to reveal an agitated Red Eyes. Before the demon could do anything it was removed with a special device created by Todd and used by an intervening Larry.

When the threat had clearly passed, Sal comforts a grief-ridden Larry for the "abandonment" of his father.

Nockfell Math Examinations

Most of the events following the disappearance of Red Eyes proved mostly normal for Sal, (sans the disappearance of multiple students) who had become good friends with Todd, Ashley, Chug, and Maple. Events returned to the paranormal on the final week before Nockfell High's finals.

Sal, having completed his math examination well ahead of the rest of his class, distracted himself with doodles, using the unusual events that he had experienced as a basis for his stick figures before dozing off. He is abruptly awoken by Mrs. Packerton who assures him that he did well on his test, earning ire from the Christian zealot raised bully: Travis Phelps. When the class reached its conclusion, Travis confronts Sal and Ashley in the halls and punches the former in the face, and drawing blood in the process. Sal declines all offers from his companions to get even with Travis, insisting that it would only worsen the situation with him.

Bologna Day

Sal notes that the bologna being served tasted funnier than it usually did, causing his friends to spew their speculation over the meat's origin. Instead of leaving the matter a mystery, Sal opted to investigate and his group (excluding Chug and Maple) agreed to help.

After being harshly turned away by a disfigured Cafeteria worker Kim Yazzie, Sal turns to alternate solutions. Suspecting that Kim was responsible for the bologna's condition, Sal teamed up with Larry and took a picture of the woman's file. As Kim Yazzie was a former Amateur Nature Photographer, Sal took a picture of a bird and presented it to Kim who was then willing to give the boy sample of the bologna and the identity of the school's supplier: Mrs. Packerton.

On his way back to the labs to test the bologna samples, Sal meets a weeping Travis in the restroom. Although Travis threatens the Sal, the boy stays and comforts him, assuring him that if he ever needed a friend all he had to do was ask.

After the bologna was examined, Sal's group concluded that they needed more information on where Packerton got the bologna. Before the lunch period was over, Sal and Larry broke into Packerton's classroom and opened her desk drawer to find many cult-like objects and a piece similar to Jim Johnson's puzzle box. Not long after Sal is plagued with another vision of The Phantom who delivers an indecipherable message before fading away.

The Investigation of Room 201

While Packerton was away, Sal and Larry broke into her apartment to find the severed head of a goat in the refrigerator and two locked doors. Behind one of the doors was Mr. Packerton, hooked up to a life support machine and stuck in a vegetative state. Sal uses the Super Gear Boy to summon Mr. Packerton as a ghost. The spirit denies knowledge of the bologna's origins and instead begs to be euthanized. Sal complies and pulls the plug.

After being forced into hiding by a late Ashley Campbell, whom they had mistaken for Packerton, Larry found a key to the next room: a butcher shop stained with blood, decorated with newspaper clipping of missing children, and a pentagram-decorated footlocker fridge. Sal opens the footlocker to find the deboned flesh of his missing classmates.

Disgusted, but satisfied that the origin of the lunchmeat had been uncovered they decided to leave and devise a way to deal with Packerton. Before they could complete their escape, Ashley discovers a hidden trash chute behind a picture of a farm and accidentally falls down into the bowels of the apartment building. Stricken with panic, the two boys act fast to save their friend.

The Cult's Temple

Sal and Larry retrieve Todd and enter a room in the basement concealed by the Lost and Found shelves. Although the room is vacant, for the most part, Sal discovers a cellar door leading deeper below ground. They enter the temple of the Devourers of God and station Todd at the entrance to keep the entrance gate open. After navigating through temple's maze and pressure plate puzzle gates, Sal and Larry come across a pedestal before another gate.

Sal placed the piece he stole from Packerton into the pedestal which opened the gate, leading a room filled with piles of bones from the Cult's victims. Miraculously, Ashley was unharmed and was discovered merely unconscious atop one of the piles.

After safely extracting Ashley from the temple, the group wanted to know what they should do to ensure Packerton can't harm anyone else. Much to Sal's horror, his friends suggest killing her. Sal convinced them to sleep on it, but the next morning they learn that there was no need to take action as Packerton was killed by a drunk driver on her way home.

Life After Nockfell

After Packerton's death, life returned to normalcy for Sal and his gang. Following Henry and Lisa's wedding, Sal became Larry's stepbrother, Ashley left for art school, and Todd and Neil set up a home for the friends to share during their years in college.

But it was not to last. Sal's nightmares returned and the ghosts of Addison Apartments vanished. These events prompted Sal and his step-brother to investigate the cursed building one last time before Larry officially moved in with the rest of the “Ghostnabbers”.

After catching up with the residents and investigating the temple of the Devourers of God, Sal left on a date with Ashley to Lake Wendigo. The two caught up on life and Sal confided in her the details of his returning nightmares and the ongoing investigation on the local cult.

The Infestation of Red-Eyes

When Sal returned home, he received disturbing text messages from Larry. When his step-brother didn't answer his cell phone, Sal rushed to the treehouse behind the apartment building, only to find Larry's suicide note detailing the purpose of his actions: Red Eyes was starting to infect him.

Donning the Necrolight Guitar and requesting the assistance of Todd Morrison, Sal investigated the treehouse to find a single, empty alcohol bottle on the floor. Before a proper investigation could be made, Sal was teleported to the roof of the Apartment building, right by the Dark Capsule, by Alison Rosenberg's Ghost.

With the help of Larry's Ghost, Sal destroyed the capsule and (temporarily) freed the residents from Red Eyes' grasp.

Sal's Arrest

Upon entering the room of Terrence Addison, Sal learned the truth. Red Eyes had made an effort to infect the building before, and succeeded in possessing all the members of the Addison clan and was halted only by a young Terrence who was able to fight off his influence long enough to slaughter his family and prevent him from spreading. The Endless One manifested inside Terrence and had been fighting to control him for decades.

Using the Necrolight Guitar, Sal killed the Endless One and briefly met the real Terrence Addison who gave him a most dreadful mission: Kill all who were under Red Eyes' influence or the shadows will consume the planet. After great deliberation, Sal conceded and butchered every single resident of the apartment building, including his own father.

After the deed was done, Sal left the building to be greeted by a horrified Ashley Campbell and the Nockfell Police Department.

The Sally Face Killer

An unspecified amount of time later, Sal Fisher, branded by the media as The Sally Face Killer, was held in custody and awaiting trial for framing Charley Mansfield and killing unknown victims. Sal was assigned Dr. Enon as a psychiatrist by the courts to determine whether or not he was a victim of his own insanity. Sal had his brain picked by Enon, eager to learn details of the convict's strange dreams and stories, and hopeful that they would explain why Sal committed mass murder.

During his second-to-last session before his trial, Sal told Enon of his dream in the hospital and finding the corpse of his mother. Enon writes it off as an "interesting dream" and requested that Sal shares the details of his first day at Addison Apartments. Sal complies but is initially unwilling to divulge any details regarding Larry Johnson after high school, but when he was willing to talk the session had ended.

In his last session, Sal shared his encounters with the Red-Eyed Demon and the ghosts of Addison Apartments with Enon who rejects the idea of supernatural involvement in his patient's life. When session time had elapsed again, Sal was dragged away shouting for Enon to investigate Larry's tree house with the promise of answers waiting there.

The Trial

Three days before Sal's interview with Faux News Anchor Clare Nettles (or the cultist who replaced her), he experiences another dream of The Phantom, this time speaking in understandable sentences. Sal then learned that Enon was dead and he had 73 hours left.

When Sal met with Clare, he affirms that he didn't want a lawyer and would be representing himself in the coming trial. Sal is told by Clare that the most popular question about him was his refusal to eat bologna. Sal reluctantly shares the full details of the Bologna Incident under two conditions: that the story be aired unedited, and he would be told of the condition of Todd Morrison.

Clare honors her end of the bargain and informs Sal of his friend's worsening condition. Sal begs to see him, claiming to know what was wrong.

The Verdict

With a mountain of testimonies, a replaced Dr. Enon, and a concerned Ashley Campbell against him, Sal was deemed guilty despite his best efforts to warn the populace of the cult's activities and the spread of Red Eyes. He was sentenced to death (a ruling that Ashley strongly fought against) and sent to the electric chair three years later with a distraught Ashley Campbell as his only witness.


  • Whilst his name is Sal, people frequently call him "Sally" or "Sally Face."
  • Sal reclaimed the name "Sally Face" from his former bullies.
  • Sal has a cat named Gizmo.
  • It is confirmed that Sal takes medication (which is seen in his room) for anxiety, depression, and migraines.
  • Salwakesup-ep2

    Sal in the beginning of Episode 2

    Sal's right eye is glass, as can be seen at the beginning of "The Wretched" when he wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. In this scene, his prosthetic face is removed and his hair is draped across his face, exposing only his left eye. His glass eye is set within a cup of water on his bedside table.
  • Sal inherited the unnatural hair color from his father, since his mother was blonde.
  • Sal plays electric guitar, as shown by the guitar and amp in his room.
  • Sal's favorite types of music are rock and metal, though he likes a little bit of everything.
  • Sal's best friend is Larry.
  • It is suggested, but not yet known, that Sal's facial disfigurement may have been caused by a dog attack due to the events that transpired in the flashback at the beginning of "The Wretched". However, it is a bit too vague to tell for sure.
  • Sal was born on December 20th, therefore his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Sal is an estimated 115 lbs.
  • Sal's birthstone is a blue zircon.
  • Whilst Sal is male, he doesn't seem to care how people perceive him, or about traditional gender roles, as evidenced by his traditionally feminine hairstyle, and how he didn't bother to correct Ms. Rosenberg when she referred to Sal as a girl. In addition, on the alternate route of Episode 1, upon meeting Megan for the first time, she tells him "pigtails are for girls, silly!" to which he responds that nobody ever said only girls could wear their hair in pigtails, and that he likes the style, too.
  • In Russian, Sal's nickname "Sally Face" is translated as "Salli-kromsali", which literally means "mangled Sally".
  • If he ever needs to take off his prosthesis (mask), Sal will either go to the bathroom to take it off, or just shove his hand under the bottom of his mask. He never takes off his mask in public since he doesn't like the idea of others seeing his face. Steve Gabry equated the feeling of his prosthesis being taken off in public to the feeling of your pants being removed in public.
  • Sal enjoys the moments where he is able to unmask himself and eat his food in private without having to worry about other people looking at him. [1]
    • When he’s eating, he will unbuckle the bottom straps and bring food under it, without revealing anything. Steve Gabry said that Sal's favorite fruit would be applesauce since it would be easy for him to eat with his mask on.
    • On another note, Sal doesn't specifically have any favorite foods as he has grown accustomed to eating whatever is convenient. However, if he were to have a favorite then it would probably be pizza.
    • The only people that have seen his real face are Henry Fisher, Ashley Campbell, Larry Johnson and Dr. Enon.
  • Sal hasn’t had to take any photo IDs for anything. In the future, he’ll have to remove his prosthetic to take ID photos. He would be ID’d like anyone else.
  • Steve Gabry, the developer of "Sally Face", said that Sal is his favorite character in the game during an interview.
  • According to Ash during "The Trial", Sal once told her that he was afraid to drink because addiction runs in his family and he didn't want to be an alcoholic.
  • In The Trial, it's revealed that Sal hates coffee.
  • Three scars have revealed on Sal's face by looking closely during his execution. One goes from his right cheek down to the left side of his chin, and a smaller scar starts about an inch to the left, going to the corner of his mouth. The cartilage and skin at the tip of his nose appear to be completely missing.
    • Sal also has a large dent in the right side of his jaw, although the cause of this is unclear.


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