Robert is a resident in Room 401. He makes his debut appearance in Episode Three: The Bologna Incident.


Robert acts like a stereotypical punk but he is friendly to Sal. It is revealed through conversation that he has a wildly successful business to his name that he started with money he received after his father passed away.

Robert is very pragmatic and abstemious, opting to save his wealth and live in a sparsely decorated apartment with only the bare essentials. Seeing as possessions do not stay with their owner following death he doesn't reside within a grander dwelling.


Robert is a young male, aged 25. He has dark skin and red hair in the style of a Mohawk. He has eyebrow piercings and silver earrings. He also wears a ripped jacket, a studded belt and plaid pants.


Prior to moving into Addison Apartments, Robert received a handsome inheritance from his grandfather and used it to start a business. The business venture was successful and Robert made more than enough money to retire. Wanting to live a simple life, he settled down in Addison Apartments Room 401.

On the day of the Bologna Incident, he bonded with Sal and gave the boy a quarter for helping him hold up one of his posters.

In the years that followed, Robert became a backer for Sal and his gang's investigation into the Devourers of God.

Like the rest of the resident of Addison Appartments, Robert was infected during the Red-Eyes Infestation and murdered by Sal Fisher to prevent the darkness from spreading.


  • Robert is the first and only punk-character in the game.