At first glance, Mrs. Packerton is a hardworking and devout teacher. But under the mask of benevolence lies a driven cultist bent on completing the work her brethren left unfinished.


Mrs. Packerton's appearance was very brief, but in the Math Class, she is shown be an encouraging and soft-spoken individual who encourages students to stay awake and active.

Behind the closed doors of Room 201 of Addison Apartments lies a driven cultist hellbent on finishing what the rest of the cult had begun.

She may have a caring side as she keeps her dying husband alive in her room and cares for him daily, and has likely done so for years in light of the various diapers strewn about the dwelling.


Mrs. Packerton is an aged wrinkled woman with grey hair kept in a braid.


It is unclear how, why, or when Mrs. Packerton joined the ranks of the Devourers of God, only that her loyalty hasn't changed over the decades to come.

In the weeks leading up to the Bologna Incident, Packerton abducted dozens of students from Nocksfell High and slaughtered them; discarding their bones into the bowels of the Cult's Temple and using the meat to make the school's bologna.

The day of the Bologna Incident, Nockfell had a math examination, one which Sal Fisher passes with little effort. Packerton encourages Sal to stay awake until class finished and tells the school bully Travis Phelps to keep his eyes on his own work (a command he obeys with great agitation).

The events leading up to the drunk driving accident that claimed her life are unclear.