Mr. Packerton is Mrs. Packerton's husband. He was bounded to the bed in the first bedroom in Packerton room.


Mr. Packerton is rather old, as such, his skin is slightly wrinkled and his hair is greyed.


Much like the Unknown Man, Packerton is a prisoner of Addison Apartments that can't fully leave the physical or spectral planes, as such he is forever plagued by anguish and sorrow for his condition.


Mister and Misses Packerton were happily married and led a fruitful life until the latter became involved with the Devourers of God and used the former to further the cult's goals.

For years, he was presumed killed in an accident and trapped in a vegetative state, a prisoner of his own flesh, until the day of the Bologna Incident. His salvation came in the form of Sal Fisher and Larry Johnson who summoned his spectral form and listened to his plea to be euthanized.

For the first time in years, Packerton was free.


  • It is possible that the Devourers of God kept him alive to serve as the vessel for Red-Eyes when the day of the infestation arrived.
  • Packerton's Ghost describes itself as being trapped between worlds, a description that was also given by Evelyn in the tapes, it is very likely that Jim Johnson (AKA the Phantom) is trapped in this in-between as well (to a certain extent).