Mr. Addison (rarely referred to as "Terrence Addison") is the landlord of Addison Apartments. He sells tea to his tenants for 25 cents and 50 cents for non-tenants.


Long before the arrival of Sal Fisher, the Addison family purchased a generous amount of land from the last surviving member of the Rosenberg Clan, Alyson and began to build housing complexes over the already existing old establishments.

Young Terrence, shy and introverted, thought the world of his father and aspired to perpetuate his legacy after his passing. The time came much earlier then it should have due to the Devourers of God summoning Red Eyes and infecting his entire family. Terrence himself was infected by the demon, however, he held onto his will long enough to stop it from spreading by slaughtering every member of his family. From that moment forward, Terrence became less and less human in the confines of his room until he changed into an entirely different being.

Following the murder of Sandy Sanderson and the arrest of Charley Mansfield, Terrence quickly installed new security cameras throughout the apartment building to placate any concerns stirring among his tenants.

When approached by Sal and questioned about following his own aspirations by opening a tea shop, Terrence gives the idea some thought before affirming his resolve to remain loyal to his father's vision but is willing to start charging his tenants for tea instead of handing it out for free.

In the days leading to the Bologna Incident, Terrence began running a mini business with his tea from the comfort of his room and advertising with a sign gifted to him by Larry Johnson: Addison Tea Please and Thank You! 50 cents a cup. 25 cents for tenants.

On the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Sal discovered Terrence's now-true form: The Endless One. After being dispatched by the Necrolight Guitar, Sal met the real Terrence who gave him a terrible mission to ensure the safety of the populace: kill all who were touched by the darkness of Red Eyes. Just as he had to do many years ago.

After great reluctance, Sal accepted and Terrence disappeared.


All that's seen of Mr. Addison is his eyes and his left hand when he handed out the cup of tea, mainly. It seems that he has perhaps dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and somewhat indistinguishable skin color when he was young.

As the Endless One, he is an amorphous blob of slime with sharp teeth and six eyes.


When he was young, Terrence Addison was very impressionable and eager to please his father. Even then he was a timid individual and it only intensified when he had to slaughter his own family to prevent Red Eyes from spreading.

Despite being infected and slowly becoming less human, he continued the family business with a skip in his step and friendly attitude towards tenants, newcomers and longtimers alike.

As the Endless One, he is condescending, arrogant, and malicious. Taunting Sal at every opportunity and affirming that "Terrance" was long gone.


  • He is very rarely ever referred to as his first name.
  • His name is spelled "Terrence" in the The Wretched and The Trial but "Terrance" in The Bologna Incident.
  • According to Miss Rosenberg, Terrence "worshiped" his father and his father was the most important thing in his life.
  • Also, Miss Rosenberg said that Mr. Addison had a family but they all died in an accident.
    • It was later confirmed that he had to kill them in similar to situation Sal Fisher went through in The Trial.
  • Terrence followed in his father's footsteps, taking his place as landlord of Addison Apartments and giving up his dream of wanting to open up a tea house. However, this could of been a means of hiding his worsening condition after being infected by Red Eyes, this also explained why Terrence refused to let any resident come in his room.
    • In addition, Terrence didn't want any resident to figure out his true identity, which was undoing when he allowed Sal to enter in The Trial.
  • Sal was the one to offer the idea of pricing his tea instead of it being free for all.
    • Five years later, that poster remained up there. Though it fell off when Sal proceeded with the slaughters.


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