Megan Holmes is the daughter of Luke and Stacy Holmes and the first ghost Sal Fisher encounters in the game.


Young and innocent, Megan Holmes lived a relatively normal childhood under the protective eye of her Christian mother and the neglect of her father.

While her mother transpired against the Devourers of God, Megan continued to play, relaxed and carefree. When she stayed out too late but found her way back to the cult's church, her mother gifted her with her grandmother's cross necklace, telling her it would protect her from harm.

In 1987, she, alongside the rest of her family was butchered by her own father Luke Holmes under the influence of Red-Eyes. Megan's corpse was later dumped in Wendigo Lake alongside those of her parents.

As a ghost, she meets Sal Fisher in the restroom of room 504 and quickly made friends with the blue-haired boy.

When Sal returns Megan's necklace, she is overjoyed and comes out of hiding, showing herself to the skeptic Larry. Before she could fully disclose the details of her demise, she was scared back into hiding by Red-Eyes.

When Red Eyes disappears, Megan, alongside the other ghostly residents of Addison Appartments, come out of hiding and converse with one another. Her fate following the Red-Eyes Infestation at Addison Apartments, along with other ghosts, remains unclear.


Megan is a very sweet individual who is easily trusting of Sally Face but cautious around newcomers such as Larry and even Todd. Being so young, Megan scares easily much like her ghost brethren when Red-Eyes is on the approach.


Megan is short, although this is to be expected given her age, and is essentially a miniature version of her mother. She bears no characteristics from her father though. She wears a gray shirt that goes past her feet and bears purple hair and a pair of blue eyes. While she is a ghost, she gains the pair of tired bags with blind eyes.


  • Megan is playable in Seeking Providence and House of the Wretched.