Maple is a gothic-like character who is affiliated with Sal's friend group.


Maple is a young woman of average stature. She has darkened skin and gray hair in a pseudo-pixie cut.


Maple is rather shy and introverted during her time at Nockfell high and even after graduation.

She loves her husband and daughter greatly, enjoying the time she spends with them and dreads having to leave.


Maple was a student at Nockfell High and was good friends with Sal and the gang. On the day of the Bologna Incident, she opted to abstain with Chug on the investigation into the lunch meat's origin.

On the day of the Red-Eyes Infestation, Maple had to leave to visit her family, an action that would save her from the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments. She attended Sal's trial, having lost her husband and daughter to his actions.


  • Maple is one of three persons who was not killed by Sal on the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, the other ones are Larry and Herman Sanderson.
    • However, Maple is still alive while both Larry and Herman took their own life before the Mass Murder happened because Larry didn't want to fall into the thrall of Red Eyes while Herman wanted to rejoin his wife.
    • Todd doesn't count since he already moved in with his boyfriend Neil by the time The Trial started, additionally, he fled into the woods upon becoming the Red-Eyed Demon's new vessel.


The Bologna Incident

The Trial