Luke Holmes was Stacy's husband and Megan's father. It is hinted throughout the game that he was a member of the local cult and perhaps even its leader.


During an unspecified moment in time, a young Luke Holmes met and became infatuated with the lovely Stacy Holmes and they quickly married and had a daughter named Megan.

It is unknown how or when, but Luke became in involved with the Devourers of God Cult and quickly rose through the ranks as one of its leading members, alongside Herman Sanderson and Jim Johnson. It was then that he was instilled with a singular purpose: to bring Red Eyes into the physical plane. The mission turned into an obsession, driving Luke into far more erratic behavior, spurning great concern from his beloved wife and daughter.

After indoctrinating Alyson Rosenberg into the Devourers of God, Luke was swift to set the cult's plan into motion. After a female subordinate had retrieved five ancient relics, Luke sacrificed the subordinate to give Red-Eyes its first host.

When Red-Eyes learned of the transgression committed by Stacy and Alyson it abandoned its female host and convinced Luke to surrender himself to it. Luke, fragile and angry after learning his wife had cheated on him with Gregory Montague, accepted. The livid man was quick to give in to the demon's promises of reward.

After butchering his own family at the behest of his demonic master, Luke grew remorseful of his deeds and hung himself in his bedroom, leaving a suicide note detailing his regret.

Luke's actions saw his corpse exhumed from the rest of his deceased family and placed on the far edge of a cemetery, buried on the same plot solely for legal reasons.


Megan explains that her father used to be kind until he caught Stacy with her lover, Greg.

If The House of the Wretched video game in Episode 1 is anything to go by, Luke is a very obsessive and vindictive individual, going as far as to take photographic evidence of his wife's transgressions and trace phone records of her meetings with Gregory Montague.

Power seems to take precedence over family for Luke as he followed the Red-Eyed Demon's instructions by slaughtering his own family and taking his own life to become the demon's vessel for the promise of "achieving great things together". However, this could have been due to him being in a fragile state emotionally because of his wife cheating on him.


The only glimpse of Luke is given in the Seeking Providence video game in chapter 6 and 7 as a sprite, and as a hanging corpse in room 504.

In either case, he is portrayed as a balding man with stubble.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Luke is NOT the Red-Eyed Demon, rather he was one of the vessels it inhabited.
  • Luke is a smoker.
  • Luke is playable in Chapter 7 of Seeking Providence.
  • Luke Holmes shares two characteristics with Todd Morrison:
    • Both were hosts to Red Eyes.
    • Both couldn't stand living any longer (although Todd is still alive in a mental institution).