Larry Johnson is one of the main characters of the game. He is Sal's best friend and later step-brother.


Larry had long dark brown hair and yellow-toned tan skin. He also had brown eyes which always rested at a neutral state, unless experiencing strong emotions. He had a mole under his right eye and a gap in his teeth. He was typically seen with his light-mid beige shirt that has the "SF" logo on it accompanied by blue jeans with a chain on the left side and dark brown shoes. In "The Wretched", he wore a red hoodie when outside.

As an adult, he had a more toned physique and a goatee. He wore a beige Sanity’s Fall shirt, not unlike the one he wore as a teenager, albeit with a slightly altered logo. 

As a ghost, his clothes were tattered and torn. His eyes had glazed over, almost becoming milky white, and his veins were visible through his “skin”. After wandering the void, his ghost had aged considerably; his beard had grown exceptionally longer and he donned a brown robe with a pointed hood, giving him a wizardly appearance. He also wore the Deadstone around his neck.


Larry is strong-willed and laid back at times. He appears to get along with others easily but isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He also appears to care a lot for his friends (an example being him threatening to hurt others to protect Sal).


Prior to the events of Episode 1, Larry Johnson is the firstborn child and only son of Jim and Lisa Johnson. He led a relatively charmed and peaceful life in Addison Apartments and was especially close with his father, developing a shared taste in Heavy Metal and an above-average sense of curiosity.

Life took a turn for Larry when he played with firecrackers against his parents' wishes and accidentally killed Mrs. Gibson's pet rabbit. The same night, he encountered a Red-Eyed Demon, who reached out and touched the boy. From there, things got bad. His father disappeared the next day, the firecracker incident put him in juvie for two weeks and caused him to miss enough classes to attend summer school, and his bike got stolen. This series of unfortunate events led Larry to believe he'd been cursed.

Larry proceeded to take everything his father owned and hide it from his mother in his treehouse, hoping that one day he would return.

Moments before Sal Fisher's arrival, he was cleaning Sandy Sanderson's toilet until Charley Mansfield burst through the door and slit the woman's throat. Frozen by fear, Larry waited until the murderer left to flee to his basement room.

The arrival of Sal Fisher

Larry becomes fast friends with Sal when the latter is introduced by the former's mother. They bond over Sanity's Fall and art. When the murder of Sanderson is brought up, Larry confides in Sal what he had witnessed. Sal agrees to help, and the two devise a plan to put Charley behind bars.

Larry fakes a robbery to lure the policeman and detective away from Room 403 to allow Sal inside. When Sal reports a missing space between two Glitter Ponies Larry calls him back to the basement. After providing Sal with the bag Larry is confronted by his dark secret. Larry calmly refuses to tell Sal anything as they had just met.

A Dark Secret

A few months after the arrest of Charley Mansfield, Larry lends a comforting ear to Sal's nightmares and decided he could trust Sal with the story of his "curse". When Sal offers to help get rid of Larry's curse, he is weary but accepts the offer all the same.

After going inside, Larry stays to watch over his mother. When Lisa falls asleep from the cold medicine, Sal asks Larry to accompany him to the restroom of Room 504 to meet the ghost of Megan Holmes. Larry complies, but Megan doesn't show up, prompting him to refer Sal to the resident brainiac and supernatural believer Todd Morrison.

After conferring with Todd, Sal asks Larry for his police scanner antennae. He reluctantly surrenders it.

After the Super Gear Boy is completed and Megan's Necklace was retrieved, Larry, once again, accompanies Sal to Room 504. This time Megan appears, much to Larry's shock; a feeling that intensifies when he learns that his father was friends with Megan's dad, Luke Holmes. After Megan is scared off by the Red-Eyes, Sal and Larry agree that the room warrants further investigation. Larry returns to his room after directing Sal to David's Room 302 for a crowbar.

When shown his father's "computer chip" he tells Sal that it seemed familiar, but when the chip becomes a Rubix Cube he doesn't acknowledge or recall its previous state.

While Sal investigated the hole in Room 504, Larry visited Todd to retrieve a device intended to ward off malevolent spirits, a device that he later used on Red-Eyes before it could attack Sal. It soon became clear to Larry that Red-Eyes was around before he was born and that his father didn't disappear, he abandoned his wife and son.

The Bologna Incident

Larry first meets up with Sal and Ashley Campbell and offers to get even with the school bully Travis Phelps, an offer that Sal declines.

On Bologna Day, Larry took note of how the Bologna tasted funnier than normal and agreed to help Sal investigate the origin of the lunch meat. He and Sal asked the lunch lady Kim Yazzie about the origins of the bologna, but they have coldly turned away, causing them to seek alternative solutions in the form of Kim's records.

Sal provided a distraction while Larry snuck into the Teacher's Lounge to take a photo of Kim's file. After successfully completing his task, Larry met up with Todd and Ashley in the labs.

Larry later helps Sal break into Mrs. Packerton's classroom desk to look for evidence about the bologna. Sal retrieves a piece similar to Jim Johnson's puzzle box.

Investigating Room 201

Larry helps Sal break into Packerton's apartment and unlock the refrigerator to find the severed head of a goat, making Larry pleased that his guess about the bologna being goat meat was accurate.

When Sal meets Mr. Packerton in a vegetative state he overhears the spirit's pleas to be euthanized. Larry will fulfill this request if Sal refuses to. The sound of someone entering the room forces Larry and Sal into hiding, the former making an effort to shield the latter, but the newcomer was just Ashley. During their brief period in hiding, Larry found a keyring for the other locked room.

When the blood-stained footlocker refrigerator is opened to reveal the deboned flesh of the missing students at Nocksfell High, Larry vomits twice but is nevertheless satisfied that the origin of the bologna had been solved.

Before they could leave Ashley discovers (and falls down) a hidden trash chute behind a painting of a farm. Larry is thrown into a state of panic and swiftly goes with Sal to retrieve Todd and visit the basement.

The Cult's Temple

The trio enters a room hidden behind the Lost and Found shelves. After descending a hidden staircase, they find themselves in the temple of The Devourers of God. Larry accompanies Sal through the maze of doorways while Todd remained behind to keep the entrance open.

Much to Sal and Larry's relief, they find Ashley alive atop a pile of bones from the Cult's victims. After safely extracting her from the temple, Larry proposes that they should kill Packerton so she can't hurt anyone else. Todd and Ashley agree, but Sal protests, insisting that they sleep on the decision. The decision is made for them, however, when Mrs. Packerton was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Life After Nockfell

Larry and Sal parted ways when the latter moved in with Todd and his boyfriend Neil, but they maintained regular contact, especially after Sal's father Henry became engaged with Lisa, making the two step-brothers.

For the next couple of years, the cult was quiet, and Red-Eyes remained in hiding. Things returned to the unnatural when the ghosts of Addison Apartments spontaneously vanished. At that point in time, Larry was ready to move in with Sal, Todd, and Neil, but the occurrence compelled him to enlist Fisher's help in investigating his old home.

After turning up nothing in the Devourers of God's temple, the two-part ways as Sal had a date with Ashley Campbell. During Sal's absence, the cult made its move and called Red-Eyes back into the physical plane of existence to infect the residents of the apartment building, including Larry.

Not wanting to fall to the demon, Larry committed suicide using an alcohol bottle with unknown contents, leaving Sal a suicide note at the base of the treehouse. His actions forever bound him to the treehouse in the years to come.

Mass Murder at Addison Apartments

When Sal Fisher returned to the building and found the suicide note, the Red-Eyes capsule crashed into the apartments and continued to infect its residents. Larry aided Sal on the spiritual plane by weakening the capsule's protections and sealing the anomaly hotspots, temporarily releasing the people from the thrall of Red-Eyes.

However, the efforts of the step-brothers were for not. Even after Sal killed the Endless One, Red-Eyes maintained its grasp on the individuals, mandating their execution to stop it from spreading. Larry could only watch in horror while Sal murdered everyone, including his mother and step-father.

The Sally Face Killer

When Dr. Enon visits Larry's treehouse to honor Sal's request, the boy's ghost appears to greet him and begs for help. He only succeeds in scaring Enon and accidentally causing him to plummet to his death, and unintentionally sealing Sal's fate via a replacement for the doctor from the Devourers of God.

After Sal was given the death penalty in court, Larry remained confined to the location of his suicide, the treehouse. He received a visitor in the form of a desperate Ashley Campbell, desperate to find evidence of Sal's innocence. Ash took a picture of Larry's ghostly form, but the flash scared him away before Ash departed.

Memories and Dreams

Larry's body is still not found even after Sal was executed for a long time. Todd was captured and held inside the church by The Cult.

Following an unsuccessful rescue attempt with Neil, Ash went to the treehouse to find Larry, where he asked Ash for help by burning the treehouse to hypothetically free him from his place of death to better assist her. Unfortunately, his ghost was lost in the void and stuck inside the temple's center chamber, doomed to wander for days.

He finally met Sal's ghost in the chamber, exchanging a heartfelt hug before helping Sal and Ash defeat the Devour of Gods and rescue Todd, using the amulet to stop Endless in the battle, putting strain on the entity. After the battle, the friends enjoyed a brief reunion that ended with Larry expressing his gratitude for their companionship before disappearing without a trace.


  • Larry might be Spanish because his mother’s surname is García (the journal that was in The Bologna Incident) and in an interview, Steve Gabry, the developer of the game, said: "I think Larry would wanna go to Spain because he has family over there".[1]
  • Larry's birthstone is moonstone.
  • In an interview, Steve Gabry said that Larry is a Leo.
  • At the end of The Wretched, it revealed that Larry is dead, the cause of his death being suicide while he was drunk at the treehouse. This was confirmed during The Trial.
  • In The Bologna Incident, he was revealed to have a deceased baby sister that was stillborn.
  • Chronologically, Larry is the first person outside Sal's biology family to see Sal's face without his prosthetic and he knows what happened to Sal.[2]
    • Two other ones are Ashley Campbell and Dr. Enon.
    • However, going by the release date of each Episode, Dr. Enon is the first character and Larry is the second one.
  • He is also the second of two characters in the game whom it's possible to play during The Bologna Incident and The Trial (As 'The Ghost of Larry'), the other being Dr. Enon during The Wretched.
  • During an interview, Steve Gabry, the developer of "Sally Face", stated that Larry would probably like watermelon the most.
  • Larry's favorite hobby is drawing.
  • Larry, Maple, and Herman Sanderson are the only people who weren't killed by Sal on the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, let alone infected by Red Eyes.
    • However, Maple is still alive while both Larry and Herman took their own life before the Mass Murder happened because Larry didn't want to fall into the thrall of Red Eyes while Herman wanted to rejoin his wife.
    • Todd doesn't count since he already moved in with his boyfriend Neil by the time The Trial started.
  • Once Todd moved out and Ray turned his old room into a "garden", he provides Larry with marijuana.
  • Some speculate that his suicide was via a drug overdose due to his pronounced veins as a ghost.
  • It's possible that Larry was infected much longer time before the day of the Mass Murder when the demon touched him after he killed Mrs. Gibson's rabbit.
    • This is supported by the reason for him driving suicide by the day of the Mass Murder while other residents didn't realize it when Sal Fisher set off to kill them.
  • The Matrix was the last movie that Larry and Sal have watched together. They loved it so much so they saw it twice in the theater. [3]


The Wretched

The Bologna Incident

The Trial

Memories and Dreams


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