Kim Yazzie is the lunch lady at Nockfell High School. She has elephantiasis and is extremely sensitive about it.


Due to her elephantiasis, Kim has various deformities, especially in her facial area in the form of swells and boils. She seems to possess a few facial hairs on her upper lip as well.


Kim is noticeably agitated until Sal talks about her favorite subjects, nature, and photography.


Before she was employed at Nockfell High, she was an amateur nature photographer.

During the day of the Bologna Incident, Kim was the prime suspect of Sal's group (mostly from Larry Johnson). When asked for extra bologna, she takes it as an insult to her cooking and turns Sal and Larry away.

When Sal presents her with a picture of a bird, Kim softens up and gives the boy extra bologna and its supplier: Mrs. Packerton.

What happens to her following Packerton's death, is unknown.



  • Given her style of speech, Kim is likely Russian.