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This article covers all keys that appear in Sally Face. Currently, there are five keys that appear and are used throughout the game.

Hospital Key

The hospital key appears in Sal's dream at the beginning of "Strange Neighbors". It was used to unlock the door to Sal's hospital room. Once used, it disappears from the inventory.

504 Key

The 504 key unlocks the door to Room 504. In "Strange Neighbors", it is received from Chug in exchange for a quarter. In "The Trial" it is found on the floor of Room 501 after Larry uses the Deadstone on the Unknown Man.

Mrs. Packerton's Keys

Mrs. Packerton's keys are found by Larry while he and Sal hid behind a dresser, believing that Mrs. Packerton had returned. It was used to unlock the other bedroom where a freezer full of deboned corpses was found.

Temple Key

The Temple key is acquired after completing the tooth puzzle. It's used to open the cellar to the cult's temple.

201 Key

The 201 Key appears in "The Trial". It is found in the bathroom of Room 202 while playing as the Ghost of Larry during the 'Break the Barrier Spells' sequence. It is used to unlock Room 201 and disappears once it is used.


ve Inventory
Episode 1: Strange Neighbors

504 KeyCharley's PonyGear BoyHospital KeyKey CardQuarterWalkie Talkie

Episode 2: The Wretched

AntennaCognition KeyNecklacePuzzle BoxSuper Gear BoyRubix Cube

Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

CameraHex KeyLarry's RockLighterLight BulbMrs. Packerton's KeysNecrolightsOld JournalPaper clipTennis Ball

Episode 4: The Trial

201 KeyCarrotCell PhoneDeadstoneGuitarKnifeLarry's NotePocket KnifeTeethTemple KeyVHS Tapes

Episode 5: Memories and Dreams


NOTE: Items are organized by what episode they are first introduced. Some items may appear in more than one episode.
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