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This article covered all keys that appear in Sally Face series. There are four keys so far to appear and use in the game.

Sal's Dream Key

The Sal's Dream Key is the key that appears in Sal's background story. It was used to unlocking the door Sal was in. Once it was used, it disappeared for good.

Mr. Packerton's Key

The Mr. Packerton's Key is the key that Larry found while he and Sal attempted to hide from the approaching person. It was used to unlocking the 'Meat Box' where Bologna Meat was salvaged from.

Temple Key

The Temple Key is a key you can find in the 'Tooth' sequence. It's used to open the trap door for the cult/temple.

201 Key

The 201 Key is the key that you can find while control the Ghost of Larry during 'Break the Dark Capsule' sequence. It is use to unlock the Room 201 and disappeared for good once it was used.