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House of the Wretched is a mini-game that’s playable in “Strange Neighbors”.

In-universe, it’s a game for the Gear Boy on a mysterious cartridge that Sal Fisher found in the basement. Beating the game unlocks the “House of the Wretched” achievement.



The game itself depicts the carnage brought about by Luke Holmes after surrendering himself to the Red-Eyed Demon.

The Skeleton belongs to Luke's daughter; Megan, who has risen from her grave, driven by a pure desire to find answers behind her death.

The Skeleton visits the tombstones of all of her family members, even her disgraced father, in Neveroak Cemetery, and reflects on the relationship she shared with them in life before they either passed away or were murdered.

As the Skeleton enters her childhood home, the details regarding the day of her death began to emerge and she remembered who she was and who had killed her; her own father.

How to unlock

In order to unlock the mini-game, the player must follow these steps:

  • During the dream sequence at the beginning of the episode, look out for four numbers:
    • The first number is on the key found in the hospital room.
    • The second number can be found at the end of the hallway after going through the D door.
    • The third number is in the tree above the dog during the funeral scene.
    • The final number can be found near the lower-left corner after entering the grave.
  • Enter the code into the number pad. This will unlock the batteries.
  • Get the Gear Boy from Sal’s room, then go to the kitchen and retrieve the batteries from the bags on the counter.
  • Go to the basement and retrieve the Gear Boy game from the Lost and Found box.
  • After exploring the apartments for a while, go back to Sal’s apartment and go to Henry’s room. Get the quarter on the floor next to Henry’s feet.
  • After breaking into Room 304, talk to Larry and ask him if the building is haunted. This will prompt Larry to mention someone named Chug (who is the person who can be seen eating off-screen on the third floor).
  • Go to the third floor. The sign will be gone, allowing the player to proceed down the hallway and talk to Chug, who will give you the key to Room 504 in exchange for the quarter.
  • Go to Room 504 and unlock the bathroom. There, Megan Holmes will appear.
  • Once the conversation with Megan ends, exit the bathroom and talk to Chug.
  • Return to the bathroom and the Gear Boy icon will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that the game is now playable.


  • The game shares the fate of the Holmes family:
    • Megan was drowned in the bathtub by her father, Luke.
    • Stacy Holmes was murdered by Luke under the Red-Eyed Demon's influence while she lay in bed.
    • Luke committed suicide due to the guilt of his actions.
  • Human remains are described to be among the ashes in the fire pit in the courtyard. It is unknown who these remains belong to, though there is a possibility they belong to Greg Montague.
  • Among the tombstones and while observing the bench in the courtyard, Megan mentions her unnamed sister who presumably died sometime before the events that led to Megan's and her parents' demise. No other information is known about her and she is only mentioned in this minigame.
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