Herman Sanderson was Sandy's husband and a Council Member of the local cult.


Herman is a skinny man with neck-length hair. He has red hair with yellow-toned tan skin and blue eyes.

He wore a purple shirt and grey pants with sneakers.


Herman was deeply saddened when he heard that his wife had died. He even forced movers to remove all her possessions from the apartment because he couldn't stand to look at them anymore.

His anguish only deepened and drove him to suicide the day of the Red-Eyes Infestation.


The reasons and motives of Herman joining the Devourers of God remain unclear, but his position in the cult's council hints that he was a dedicated and faithful zealot.

Herman was present during the summoning of the Red-Eyed Demon and the sacrifice of one of the cult's female acolytes. Sanderson managed to keep the details of his involvement with the cult a secret from his wife Sandy, but shortly before the arrival of Sal Fisher, Herman left to attend to matters with the Devourers of God. During this meeting, he (perhaps unintentionally) let slip some incriminating activities his wife had been involved in to Red-Eyes, an act that would cost him everything he held dear.

When Herman returned to find his wife slaughtered at the hands of Charley Mansfield he was absolutely devastated and couldn't bear to remain in Addison Apartments any longer. He had all of their belongings collected and left, both the apartment building and the Devourers of God.

On the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Herman returned to Room 403 in tears, weeping for his lost wife and questioning Sal and Larry about seeing her spectral form.

When the Red-Eyes Infestation began, Herman committed suicide by putting a bullet through his head in hopes of rejoining his wife, but to no avail.

Whether or not Herman was assimilated by Red-Eyes during or after the infestation is unknown.


  • He, Maple, and Larry are the only Addison Apartments' inhabitants weren't killed by Sal in the Day of the Mass Murder. However, Maple is still alive while both Herman and Larry committed suicide before the mass murder happened. Todd was no longer a resident of the apartment building the Day of the Mass Murder, thus he is exempt.
  • He is the third character in the game to commit suicide, the first being Luke Holmes via hanging, and the second being Larry via self-poisoning.
  • Herman is the fifth character to lose his spouse before dying, the first being Henry Fisher after losing his wife to Dogma, the second and third being Mrs. Gibbson and Lisa Johnson both through unknown means, and the fourth being Mrs. Packerton after her husband was euthanized.