Her Fate is one of Beelzebub’s artworks encountered by Sal Fisher during a dream sequence in "The Trial".


The artwork consists of a security camera—which appears to have been combined with some sort of biological matter—filming the silhouette of a woman (the same woman from the VHS tapes, who is most likely Jim’s missing sister, Evelyn). The woman is kneeling in agony and surrounded by what could be interpreted as smoke, fire, or possibly a representation of whatever force that “saved” her from corruption. Oddly, it seems to be the security camera, or possibly whatever entity observing behind it, if there is one, that speaks.


Her Fate speaks with great conviction regarding Evelyn's "salvation" from pain thanks to the Plague of Shadows.


See also: Evelyn

After unlocking the fourth door, Sal was able to look at Beezelbub’s fourth artwork: Her Fate. They spoke an ominous message:

Her soul was corrupted by the dark. By hunger. By isolation. She suffered greatly. Through our union, we have saved her. We are the endless echoes within oblivion. We are all that is, was, and will ever be. We are infinite and everlasting. We are the void.
Her Fate

When Sal reported back to Beelzebub, he noted that Her Fate had lost touch with reality.

How to unlock

In order to access Her Fate’s room, the player must solve a door puzzle involving nine symbols.

  • Each symbol represents a number, beginning with zero:
  • While looking at each of Beelzebub’s artworks, look for a pair of symbols in each room:
  • Add the corresponding numbers for each pair of symbols together. The resulting numbers should be 7, 6, and 8.
  • Enter the symbols in reverse order from top to bottom (e.g. the eighth symbol will be at the top):
Evelyn's code


  • Some of Her Fate’s dialogue is identical to the lyrics of the Sanity's Fall song “Void”.
    • Their dialogue also parallels the mantra of the Devourers of God: “May our sight pierce the heavens and our reach be infinite and everlasting.”
  • “Her Fate” is also the name of the achievement for finding all of the VHS tapes.
  • The code found in their room is used to get the solution to the floor safe in Mrs. Packerton's apartment. To get the safe's code, count the number of lines that make up each digit.



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