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"You know, I may not say this enough, but I'm proud of you Sal. You've come a long way and I know it hasn't all been easy. I look at you now and I'm excited about the man you are becoming. I think you've got a bright future ahead of you. I really do. I love you, buddy."
Henry's final words to Sal

Henry Fisher was the father of Sal Fisher, and the husband of the late Diane Fisher and then Lisa Johnson. Following the death of his first wife, Henry and his son moved from New Jersey to Nockfell for a fresh start.


Throughout the game, Henry was seen wearing a pale brown long sleeve top and black slacks with a neutral pair of shoes. In the Strange Neighbors prologue, he was depicted wearing the opposite of his daily wear (black top and brown pants) as well as a pair of green sneakers.

Like his son, Henry also had light blue hair and throughout the course of the game, it was shown that he was balding. In the Trial, he was shown to have balded on the top of his head and had also gained wrinkles with age.

Henry was also shown to appear tired and exhausted when shown in the episodes. However, by the Trial, he was shown looking content and happy. He no longer showed any outward signs of his depressive state from the years prior.


Henry was a devoted and hardworking father who was committed to his job to make ends meet. He was shown to be a loving husband to his first wife, Diane, especially after her passing. Despite having his son, Sal, believe he got rid of photos of her, Henry kept one for himself with a letter from her. He had also made his computer password her name, albeit in number form (491145).

It was clear that her death had quite a negative impact on his life, sending him into a depressive state and alcoholism. This was also followed by the loss of his job and the stresses of moving from New Jersey to Nockfell.[1]

After moving to Addison Apartments, Henry's mental health slowly improved. This happened through meeting Lisa Johnson. After courting her and marrying her, Henry seemed to be once again, content with where his life was. He was also a very proud father of Sal, often reminding him how much he loved him and was amazed at the person he had become.


Before moving to Nockfell, the majority of Henry's life is a mystery, however, through Sal's dreams, it is indicated that he lead a seemingly normal life with his wife Diane.

All of this changed the day of a family picnic that resulted in the mutilation of Sal's face and the end of Diane's life at the hands of a Dog Masked Cultist.

The tragic events compelled Henry to turn away from his son and towards the bottle and sleeping pills, still haunted by his wife's passing.

Unknown circumstances uprooted Henry and Sal from New Jersey and sent them to the small community of Nockfell where their new home in Addison Apartments awaited them.

On the day of Henry and Sal's arrival, a grizzly murder had been committed by Charley Mansfield and claiming the life of Sandy Sanderson. While his son explored their new home, Henry indulged in a generous amount of alcohol, resulting in him blacking out by his desk. Henry remained unconscious in his room throughout the events leading to Mansfield's arrest.

In the events that followed the Sanderson murder, Henry secured a job that demanded his constant attention, even necessitating his absence from the apartment building entirely to attend meetings, giving him little time to spend with his son.

Henry's work-oriented lifestyle persisted into the years ahead, however, he had begun to develop a strong relationship with Lisa Johnson, the building's maintenance woman, that developed into romance and, eventually, marriage.

Henry's addictions were eventually overcome sometime before or after marrying Lisa. Happiness had finally returned to the man's life as he watched his son grow and prepare to leave for college with his step-brother Larry.

Sadly, Henry's life, as well as the lives of all the other residents of Addison Apartments were cut short by Sal the day of the Red-Eyes Infestation. His death stuck with Sal in the days leading to the trial, appearing to him in his dreams and disowning him for the slaughter.


  • Steve Gabry tweeted that Sal and Henry were born with blue hair.
  • Henry, Ashley Campbell, Larry Johnson and Dr. Enon are the only characters have seen Sal's face without his prosthetic.
  • According to Sal, addiction runs in the Fisher family, which is likely the reason for Henry's dependence on alcohol and sleep aids.


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