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"You know, I may not say this enough, but I'm proud of you Sal. You've come a long way and I know it hasn't all been easy. I look at you now and I'm excited about the man you are becoming. I think you've got a bright future ahead of you. I really do. I love you, buddy."
Henry to Sal

Henry Fisher was the father of Sal Fisher, and the husband of the late Diane Fisher and then Lisa Johnson. Following the death of his first wife, Henry and his son moved from New Jersey to Nockfell for a fresh start.


Throughout the game, Henry is seen wearing a pale brown long sleeve top and black slacks with a neutral pair of shoes. In the Strange Neighbors prologue, he is shown wearing the opposite of his daily wear (black top and brown pants) as well as a pair of green sneakers.

Like his son, Henry also has light blue hair and throughout the course of the game, it is shown that he begins losing it. In the Trial, he is shown to have balded on the top of his head and had also gained wrinkles with age.

Henry was also shown to appear tired and exhausted when shown in the episodes. However, by the Trial, he was shown looking content and happy. He no longer showed any outward signs of his depressive state from the years prior.


Henry was a devoted and hardworking father who was committed to his job to make ends meet. He was shown to be a loving husband to his first wife, Diane, especially after her passing. Despite having his son, Sal, believe he got rid of photos of her, Henry kept one for himself with a letter from her. He had also made his computer password her name, albeit in number form (491145).

It was clear that her death had quite a negative impact on his life, sending him into a depressive state and alcoholism. This was also followed by the loss of his job and the stresses of moving from New Jersey to Nockfell.[1]

After moving to the Addison Apartments, Henry's mental health slowly improved. This happened through meeting Lisa Johnson. After courting her and marrying her, Henry seemed to be once again, content with where his life was. He was also a very proud father of Sal, often reminding him how much he loved him and was amazed at the person he had become.


Much of Henry's early life is unknown prior to marrying Diane and having their son, Sal Fisher. After the death of his wife, Henry and his son eventually moved from their home in New Jersey to Nockfell. However, they didn't move straight away, as Henry still had to work and they had a difficult time selling their house. Henry sadly lost his job which was another large contributing factor to their move to the Addison Apartments in Nockfell.

Strange Neighbors

Henry appears briefly towards the end of the episode's prologue. He appears in a room just before the Morgue and when his son approaches him he says:

"You are not my son. My son is not a murderer."
Henry in Sal's dream

After saying that he vanishes, leaving a silhouette of himself in the room.

Henry makes his true appearance after just moving into the Addison Apartments with his son, Sal. He tells his son that it'll be their new beginning and that they would leave their past behind them in New Jersey. Henry tells his son to go explore the building and make some friends while he finishes unpacking their boxes. Sal later returns to his room and Henry asks him if he had decided to take a break from unpacking. Stating that it wouldn't be a bad idea as the pair of them had been at it for a while.

While talking with his son, he remarks that their new apartment may not be as nice as their old house, but they would make the best of things. Iterating that as long as they had each other, they'd be able to make a real home in Nockfell. He tells Sal to give the new place a chance when the young boy tells him that he misses Jersey. Henry adds on that school would start in a couple weeks and that Sal would be able to make new friends. He encourages that anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend when Sal seems doubtful. Then, when Sal tells him that he misses his mom, Henry tells him that he does too. When Sal leaves, he tells his son to stay out of trouble.

Henry is later seen passed out on his computer chair, a flask underneath him. Sal comments that at least he was trying, not drowning himself in booze and giving up on life and him.

The Wretched

Henry is mentioned during the episode's prologue, when his then-wife, Diane, mentions him while talking to Sal. She tells her son to wait for his father to get back to go see the dog, however, she gives in to her child's pleading and the pair of them go and see the dog.

He is first seen in his room working away on his computer. Sal greets his father, but, Henry quickly replies that he can't talk at that moment as he had to make a deadline for work. After that, Sal leaves him to let him continue working.

The Trial

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  • Steve Gabry tweeted that Sal and Henry were born with blue hair.
  • Henry, Ashley Campbell, Larry Johnson and Dr. Enon are the only characters have seen Sal's face without his prosthetic.


Strange Neighbors

The Wretched

The Trial

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