The Guitar is Sal's guitar that was modified by Todd to interact with the spirit world. It made its first appearance in "The Trial". Its development was first undergone on the day of the Bologna Incident as a surprise present for Sal.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

The Guitar is fully outfitted with "Necrolights", a strange energy channeled through lights used by the Devourers of God to interact with the Spectral Plane.

The Guitar operates in a similar fashion to the Super Gear Boy by releasing surges of necro-energy to flush out supernatural hotspots and even harm any individuals that traverse the Spectral Plane.

It proved itself capable of destroying the Pillar of the Endless One and temporarily freeing the residents of Addison Apartments from its thrall.

The Necrolight upgrade does not destroy the Guitar's capability to play regular music, as the number of lines in each symbol corresponds to the pitch when it is played.

How to use[edit | edit source]

  • Keyboard: Press "G" to turn on and off. Select notes and press "J", "K" and "L" to strum.
  • Controller: Press "L" to turn on and off. Use the left joystick to choose note set and use "X", "Y", and "B" to strum.

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