Greg Montague is a ghost that resides in Todd's bathroom.


Greg was a kind-hearted and sympathetic individual, willing to lend comfort to those in distress even if they are complete strangers.

He was shown to be brave when he cooperates in the plot of Alyson Rosenberg to derail the efforts of the Devourers of God to bring forth the Red-Eyed Demon.


Greg appears to be a portly man with dark yellow hair. When he first appears, he is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.


Prior to his death, Gregory Montague was a peaceful farmer, trying to make ends meet with a family that was killed in a factory fire. His average life took a turn when he visited a church belonging to a local cult, for reasons even he couldn't explain.

Following the sounds of sobbing, Greg finds a distraught Stacy Holmes. The two immediately hit it off and became lovers, even though Stacy was already married to one of the cult's council members, Luke. After a few lunch dates, Stacy introduces the farmer to her daughter, Megan, who took a liking to him fairly quickly. Unbeknownst to anyone, Greg was being stalked by a now heartbroken Luke Holmes.

When the cult grew closer to its goal, Luke became more erratic in behavior which caused his wife great worry and prompted her to reach out to Greg for help in thwarting the Cult's efforts. Greg agreed and burned bones essential the completion of the Devourers of God's ritual.

It is unknown how he was killed, but it is implied that it was at the hands of a possessed Luke Holmes.

A few months following the arrest of Charley Mansfield, a curious Sal Fisher sought out help from the brilliant Todd Morrison in communicating the ghosts of Addison Apartments. The Super Gear Boy was created and tested in Morrison's bathroom, revealing Greg's ghost, weeping and lamenting his decisions in life, only to be scared into hiding by the approach of Red-Eyes.

Like the other ghosts of Addison Apartments, Greg vanished the day of the Red-Eyes Infestation.


  • In the past Greg was Stacy's lover.
  • He knows Megan and her family really well.
  • As all other ghosts, he's afraid of Red Eyes.
  • He can't forget Stacy's and Megan's death and blames himself.
  • Judging by a bloody mark under his nose - it was broken.
  • Greg is playable in Seeking Providence.