My Gear Boy! With some weird game I found in the basement.
Sal Fisher, profiling the Gear Boy.
Todd modified my Gear Boy to detect supernatural hotspots. I can use it by pressing "Shift" and activate it by pressing "R".
Sal Fisher, profiling the Super Gear Boy.

The Gear Boy, later modified into the Super Gear Boy, is a handheld game system owned by Sal Fisher that can also be used to detect supernatural hot spots. It made its first appearance as the Gear Boy in Strange Neighbors.

Introduction in the game

Gear Boy

The Gear Boy was found near the TV in Sal's room with some weird game. According to Sal, it lights up when Megan is near but it doesn't light up every time.

Super Gear Boy

With Larry's antenna from his police scanner, few extra parts from Sal's Walkie Talkie and his own equipment, Todd upgraded it into the Super Gear Boy to better detect supernatural hot spots. Now Sal can both play games and use ghost hunting mode with it.

How to use

You'll need to hold the system out with the antenna fully extended by pressing the "Shift" button, the screen will glow if it detects any paranormal frequencies in close proximity. While it's flashing, press the "R" button to produce a large electrical discharge. The surge of electricity will provide an ample source of power to energize nearby apparitions and other supernatural elements as well. In addition, Sal can use it to play the game In Seeking Providence that reveals some of the game's lore.


  • The Gear Boy's appearance is based on a real-life handheld console produced by Sega called a Game Gear. Its color scheme and name is also derived from the Nintendo Game Boy.
  • Even once its upgraded into the Super Gear Boy, the icon for the regular Gear Boy still appears when it lights up in the left corner of the screen.
  • The Gear Boy is similar to the Pip-Boy from "Fallout". For example, the Gear Boy is really important and it's possible to play several mini-games on it, just like with PipBoy.
  • One of the mini-games, Episode 6, on the SGB is based on a room in Episode 3.
  • The Super Gear Boy makes a return in "The Trial" in Larry's possession.
  • The Gear Boy functions similarly to the Game Boy Horror in Luigi's Mansion.



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504 KeyCharley's PonyGear BoyHospital KeyKey CardQuarterWalkie Talkie

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201 KeyCarrotCell PhoneDeadstoneGuitarKnifeLarry's NotePocket KnifeTeethTemple KeyVHS Tapes

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