Evelyn is Jim Johnson's sister and appears as a character trapped in a strange TV during the event of The Trial in Sally Face.

Appearance Edit

Evelyn was a young woman with a smooth complexion and long silky looking hair. However, when she succumbed to the Red-Eyed Demon her skin became riddled with black veins and her eyes grew to be black (on the TV, they were likely red in actuality)

Personality Edit

During her life in her world, Evelyn was optimistic and cheery, especially at the aspect of piloting the latest model of the Drifter.

However, when the Red Eyes Infestation struck her world and consumed her family she became ridden with grief, refusing to speak with her brother.

Upon being possessed, she slowly began to lose her sanity along with her body, becoming livid and insane from sharing her body with Red Eyes.

Biography Edit

Evelyn lived a happy life with her two sons and brother, Jim Johnson, on an unknown world. But things took a turn the day Red Eyes seized control and unleashed a "plague of shadows" (as Jim describes in his diary) that consumed her two sons.

Evelyn and Jim narrowly escaped in the latest model of the Drifter, that was being showcased that day, and began their odyssey to find a new planet to call their own. Throughout their voyage, Evelyn never spoke.

Upon discovering Earth and beginning their landing, Evelyn became engulfed in flame before disappearing from sight entirely, making her brother fear the worst.

Through unknown means, Evelyn became trapped in the Spectral Plane; despite not being a ghost, having only the security cameras to document her thoughts and experiences. In time, she even saw her brother in the Addison Apartments complex and made efforts to communicate with him that ultimately ended in failure. During her time trapped, she bore witness to the activities of the Devourers of God and learned of their intent to bring Red Eyes into their world, much to her horror.

Slowly, the Red-Eyed Demon ate away at her sanity and physical being until she was reduced to a raving lunatic. Her final moments were spent in writhing agony as she was torn apart by the malevolent entity.

Trivia Edit

  • She can be seen as one of Beelzebub's pieces of art in room four.
  • It is unclear if the Red-Eyed Demon infected her on her home world or in the apartments, but it is likely she was infected while she tried to escape with Jim.
  • In Jim's journal he says that he and Evelyn are from another planet and describes a terrible occurrence driving them away.
  • Every tape discovered in the episode "The Trial" Evelyn seems to look like she has been infected by the Red-Eyed Demon, and it is getting visibly worse in the later videotapes.
  • In the tape "Lost" along with all the other tapes, she looks to be in a hallway with just her in it.
  • In the final tape "Her Fate" Evelyn's face is covered in black and her eyes are plain white.
  • Evelyn claims to see a figure that she calls to, but the figure cannot seem to hear or see her.
  • The presence of a camera in the hallways of what appears to be Addison Apartments indicates that the security system may have been installed before the arrival of Sal Fisher. This could mean that the cult took down the system on the day of Mrs. Sanderson's murder at the hands of Charley Mansfield to cover their operations.

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