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Episode 5: Memories and Dreams is the fifth and final episode of Sally Face. It was released on December 13, 2019,[1] and it is available on and Steam.

Plot Synopsis

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NPC - Illusion

Mentioned Characters

Unseen Characters

  • A Voice of the Light
  • A Voice of the Dark

Picture Frame Characters

  • Larry's Grandmother


Icon Name Description Unlock Method
Memorized Remembered the correct shed code in episode five. Get the shed code right on the first try.
Seeker of knowledge
Seeker of Knowledge Read all of the notes in episode five. Read all the notes about the cult.
DOG The last memory of mother. Open the 5th door in the Void.
Vestige Had all optional conversations within the House in the Void. Information Requirement
The end
The End Finished episode five. Complete Episode 5 at 100%.
Escaping death
Escaping Death Didn't get a single Game Over. Don't die in the minigames.
Epilogue Unlocked the Epilogue. Get every achievement in the whole game.


There are various details that left us in the dark:

  • Ash is in the area between the mortal realm and ghost realm, thanking to Sal Fisher resurrect her.
  • Sal Fisher is seen gaining together in the Epilogue, suggesting that Sal will find a chance to get back to his own.
  • Todd is working on control Red Eyes' power housing inside him, now that Todd is stronger and helping Ash and Sal in cleanse the world of Darkness.
  • Deadstone is seen next to the picture of Larry's Ghost and the radio, suggesting that there is a chance for Ash and Todd to reconnect Larry's Ghost back to the Mortal Realm.


  • The episode title was first revealed on the badges page on Steam.[2]
  • This episode shares the same name with the game's OST "Memories and Dreams".
  • This is third episode to feature two more playable characters other than Sal Fisher in the main game (not included mini-games). At beginning of the game, the player plays as Ashley Campbell, and during the final boss the player plays between Sal Fisher, Ashley Campbell, and The Ghost of Larry.





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