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Episode Four: The Trial is the fourth episode of Sally Face. It was released on November 30, 2018, and is available on and Steam.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The Episode begins showing the outside of the Addison Apartments with an older Sal Fisher standing in the main doorway playing his guitar. As the camera zooms in, the screen flashes red showing hands covered in blood. The hallway of the Apartment is also covered in blood splatters as Sal continues playing the guitar. Soon, police sirens and car tires are heard and soon flashing red and blue lights appear behind Sal.

The screen cuts to an alarm clock blaring showing the time 3:33 AM before switching to a teenaged Sal waking up, telling the alarm that he is awake. As he walks to the left of the screen, the pitch of the alarm distorts. The room also showcases items from the previous Episode before Sal exits.

He enters a pitch black room where the style has changed to a minimalistic, white outline. Walking to the right he encounters a goat-headed creature named Beelzebub which Sal assumes is the devil until the creature iterates that it was a nickname given by their family. To proceed forward to the door behind Beelzebub, Sal must admire the creature's art to which he is given the rhyme:

In the dark, there are five. The fifth, you mustn't see. Of the remaining four arts, you must gaze upon three.
Beelzebub's rhyme

Receiving the riddle, Sal must find each of Beelzebub's artworks. Moving to the left Sal finds five doors, one is locked and the other cannot be accessed. Entering the first three doors, Sal will find three of Beelzebub's artworks: Peering Eyes, Their Sins, and Trapanrot. He also finds three symbols which are used to unlock the fourth room. Inside the fourth room, he finds the final art, Her Fate. After seeing all four, Sal returns to Beelzebub and repeats back the artworks and their sins. He asks if he may continue through the door to which Beelzebub warns that once he goes through he cannot go back. He disappears and then Sal can walk through the final door.

Going through the door leads to a similar area, however, there are stars in the background. As Sal continues walking to the right he comes across a TV which will create static across the entire screen. It then cuts to a room with another TV set up with VCR players. One tape is already in there and pressing play will show a video of a girl in distress. Once the tape finishes, pressing the exit button will lead to a cutscene, ending the prologue.

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Achievements Edit

Icon Name Description Unlock Method
Suffer Suffer Finished episode four. Complete the episode "The Trial".
Catching Up Catching Up Talked with everyone in the apartment in episode four. While walking through Addison Apartments with Larry, check in and speak with every resident.
Teeth Teeth Where did these come from? Collected all the teeth from inside the apartments. Locations of the teeth:

N Tooth: Other Basement apartment; bedroom 1 on the left.

E Tooth: Room 102 to the right of the door.

Brown Tooth: room 202 in bathroom on top of toilet.

S Tooth: Room 304 on kitchen counter.

W Tooth: Room 501 after cutscene on the left.

Dark Melodies Dark Melodies Never failed any of the barrier songs. Don't make any mistakes while destroying the chunks of barrier on each level.
Her Fate achievement Her Fate Collected all VHS tapes. Collect all 9 VHS tapes throughout the game. Locations of the VHS tapes:

Lost: Unlock door 4 during the prologue.

Phantom: In the back of the shed.

Others: Room 201 bedroom 1. Use pocketknife on the carpet and enter code 435542.

Bridge: Room 404. Use pocketknife on broken tape.

Hunger: Room 503. Hidden in the broken wall.

Skin: Enter 501 as Larry use Deadstone near Unknown Man and then enter the room as Sal. Grab key to unlock Room 504. Switch to Larry and enter 504 and go through the hole. Use Deadstone near the tape and now switch back to Sal and retrieve the tape.

Evolve: Enter 404 as Larry and use Deadstone. Switch to Sal and enter the room and retrieve the tape.

Rage: As Larry, place Creepy Pony on the pentagram in 204. Switch to Sal and find the tape where the pony was.

///: Enter 104 and grab the carrot and place it in front of Room 101 with the door cracked open. Switch to Larry and grab lighter from Room 104 and light the rabbit in front of 101 on fire and then use Deadstone. Switch back to Sal to retrieve the tape.

Brothers Brothers Had all optional conversations with Larry in episode four. Exhaust every possible conversation with Larry throughout the episode.
Destroyer Destroyer Destroyed The Endless One without falling. During the final boss battle, don't mess up any of the songs so you won't fall towards the bottom.

Trivia Edit

  • Throughout the episode, a note can be seen on the bulletin board located near the entryway of Addison Apartments that reads "It can't rain all the time." This is a reference to the 1994 film The Crow.
  • In the house's basement, Gizmo can be seen with a collection of stickers bearing the profile images of several Youtubers who have played the game.
  • This is currently the only episode that does not feature a hidden minigame.

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