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Is this real?
Sal Fisher's first line in Episode Three

Episode Three: The Bologna Incident is the third episode of the video game Sally Face. It was released on February 11, 2018. The player assumes the role of Sal Fisher as he and his friends try to solve the mystery behind the origins of the bologna served at their school, as well as delving deeper into the mystery surrounding Addison Apartments.

Plot Synopsis

The Phantom visits Sal in a dream, warning him that Dr. Enon—the only person that believed him—was dead and that there are only 73 hours left until his trial. Sal then receives a mysterious journal from the Phantom.

On the Day of his trial, Sal speaks with (an imposter) journalist Clare Nettles. After asking a series of questions, Nettles eventually brings up Sal’s alleged fear of bologna. Sal assures that he isn’t afraid of the lunch meat, but his avoidance of it is because of a long story that he reluctantly begins to tell.

In a dream sequence, one of Sal’s drawings, a stick figure named “Mr. Dood El”, comes to life. The doodle embarks on a journey to enlightenment, along the way meeting several unpleasant individuals. They tell him in order to reach the truth, he must visit the Oracle beyond the Fields of Death. Upon reaching the oracle, she tells of how they opened the Great Hole: a hole in the sky where they placed all of the universe’s knowledge. In doing so they unleashed the Great Beast which terrorized “the sticks” for decades until it was destroyed by an explosion in the sky. Mr. Dood El asks the oracle how he could get to the Great Hole. She answers him with another question: “What is the truth worth to you?”, to which he responds “Everything.” The drawing is then faced with a massive abyss (depicted as a tear in notebook paper). The dream ends as he stares into the abyss and his soul is seemingly destroyed.

A teenage Sal then awakens to the sound of Mrs. Packerton, his math teacher, calling his name. Sal apologizes and the class ends soon after. While Sal and Ashley meet in the hall, Travis Phelps, a bully who also attends Mrs. Packerton’s class, approaches them. The confrontation ends with Travis punching Sal in the face, causing him to bleed. While Ashley and Larry want to get revenge, Sal convinces them to drop the situation. The trio then jokingly surmise that Travis is angry because the date for bologna day had been changed, which happens to be the following day.

When a particularly foul-smelling batch of bologna is served during lunch the next day, the teens decide to investigate. Sal and Larry attempt to ask Kim Yazzie, the lunch lady, about the lunch meat’s source, but she dismisses them. Only after Sal offers her a photograph of a bird does she become more welcoming. She tells Sal the bologna is sourced from Mrs. Packerton and gladly gives him more bologna. While Todd cannot find any harmful ingredients in the bologna, the group decides to investigate Mrs. Packerton’s apartment.

That evening, Sal and Larry manage to successfully break into the teacher’s apartment. It does not take long for them to find evidence of sinister activities; they converse with the ghost of a goat that was slaughtered by Packerton in her own kitchen and find her presumed to be dead husband alive, confined to his bed and connected to a life support machine. Mr. Packerton’s half-dead spirit begs Sal to pull the plug, to which he reluctantly obliges. Immediately after, the boys hear the sound of the door opening and, believing it to be Mrs. Packerton, take refuge behind a dresser. However, the boys are relieved to find that it had simply been Ashley.

Using a set of keys that Larry had found while hiding, the trio enters the final bedroom. There, they make a disturbing discovery: a freezer full of deboned corpses, meaning Mrs. Packerton had been butchering people and making them into bologna.

Flashforwarding back to the present, Nettles is perplexed why Sal refuses to tell the rest of the story. When Sal responds that they'd just edit the story, Nettles gives her word she'll air it in its entirety. In an attempt to change the subject, Sal asks Nettles about Todd’s condition. The journalist makes a deal with Sal, saying she’ll tell him about Todd if he tells her his story. Sal reluctantly agrees.

As the teens were about to leave, Ashley discovers a trash chute hidden behind a painting and accidentally falls down into it. Panicked, Sal Larry, and Todd head down to the basement. While exploring an abandoned apartment, the group discover a hidden entrance leading below the basement. They find that a temple belonging to the cult is located directly beneath the apartment complex. After traversing the structure, they eventually find Ashley and rescue her. Once out of the temple, the group discusses what they should do about Mrs. Packerton but decide to sleep on it. The teens then make a pact not to reveal what they’ve found.

Back in the present, Clare Nettles inquires about their decision regarding their teacher, to which Sal responds they didn’t have to do anything since she was killed in a car accident. The journalist hands Sal a newspaper, revealing that Ashley will be testifying against him during his trial. Sal then asks about Todd, and Nettles states that he is still in the hospital. Todd is shown wearing a straightjacket in a padded room. His red eyes reveal he is possessed by the Red-Eyed Demon.


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Icon Name Description Unlock Method
Full of Bologna Achievement Full of Bologna Finished episode three. Complete the third episode.
Dead Potato Achievement Dead Potato Painted a picture for Larry. Paint a picture on the canvas in Larry's room.
Atonement Achievement Atonement Had a private moment with Travis. Speak with Travis in the school bathroom and choose the correct responses.
Messenger Achievement Messenger Spoke with the ghost of a cultist. Speak with the ghost of the cultist in a secret room located in the temple.
Clumpy Achievement Clumpy! Beat Clumpy bonus level. Unlock and beat the Clumpy the Mutant Monkey minigame.
Premonition Achievement Premonition Completed the full intro in episode three. During the dream sequence, enter all the correct codes and receive the Old Journal.
Missing Pages Achievement Missing Pages Collected all 11 pages of the journal. Find all of the missing pages to Jim's journal.


  • This is the second episode to feature a playable character other than Sal Fisher in the main game (not including mini-games). While exploring the Temple, the player briefly plays as Larry.
  • This episode has a hidden mini-game: Clumpy the Mutant Monkey.




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