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Sally, where are you?

Episode Two: The Wretched is the second episode of the video game Sally Face. It was released on July 17, 2017. The player assumes the role of Sal Fisher during his early days at Addison Apartments in Nockfell, learning how to converse with the ghosts, developing his bond with new friends, and figuring his way around the dark mysteries surrounding the complex.

Plot Synopsis Edit

In a dream, a young Sal Fisher is having a picnic with his mother. Hearing a dog barking, he begs her to let him pet it and she eventually relents. Sal walks ahead toward the trees unaware of the dog-shaped silhouette stalking him nearby. The dream suddenly takes a dark turn when the scene changes to reveal Sal with a bloody face surrounded by a crumbling city. After crawling into a bloody ambulance, the scene shifts again to a now teenage Sal helping Mrs. Sanderson with her toilet in Larry’s place. After being devoured by the toilet and deposited into the sewers, Sal encounters a severely dehydrated pony, begging for water. When Sal restores the flow of water and returns, the pony is dead, but its bloated corpse serves as a makeshift bridge. He enters a door leading back to Sanderson's bathroom where he witnesses Charley murder her. After exiting the room, he walks down a long hallway leading to a black void where Charley is seated in his chair. He reprimands Sal for touching his pony and his face unzips to reveal a skeleton with burning red eyes. The disturbing sight is enough to jolt Sal awake.

When Sal tells Larry about his dream, Larry decides to show Sal his tree house. Larry confides in Sal, telling him about his father’s disappearance and his supposed curse that he believes was placed upon him by a shadowy demon with red eyes. Sal tells Larry he has also seen the demon and agrees to help him break the curse. While searching in a chest full of items belonging to Larry’s dad, Sal comes across a metallic puzzle box. However, he is unable to solve it. The teens return to the apartments, where Sal hopes to find more answers regarding the demon.

Sal gets the idea that Megan, the ghost girl he had encountered previously, could help Larry and together they go to Room 504’s bathroom. However, his attempt to summon her is unsuccessful. Larry suggests he go ask Todd, a fellow resident of the complex, for help due to his similar interest in the paranormal.

Arriving at Todd’s apartment, Sal is introduced to Ashley Campbell. Telling Todd about his predicament, he agrees to help Sal and modifies his Gear Boy into the Super Gear Boy, allowing it to better perceive supernatural hotspots. During a trial run of the device, the boys are able to summon the weeping ghost of Greg Montague. Their conversation with the spirit is cut short when a shadowy entity approaches, causing Greg to go into hiding. Todd decides to stay behind and research the apartments while Sal looks for signs of the supernatural. While in Larry’s treehouse, Sal encounters a phantom that speaks to him in jumbled sentences.

Returning to Todd, Sal finds out that Charley has been replaced with an imposter and learns about Megan’s demise. When handed a photograph of Megan when she was alive, Sal recognizes the necklace she is wearing and surmises that it could aid in summoning her. After retrieving the necklace from the Lost and Found box, Sal and Larry go back to the bathroom where Megan finally appears. From her, they learn that Greg and her mother knew each other, that her father has been terrorizing the other ghosts, and that her father and Larry’s dad were friends. Again, their conversation is cut short when the shadowy entity (who Megan states is her father) approaches. Sal suggests they talk to Stacy, hoping she could shed some light on the shadowy demon. However, her bedroom is boarded up, requiring the use of Lisa’s crowbar which is currently in the possession of David. Sal goes to the third floor and is able to successfully retrieve the tool from David.

After requesting entry into David’s apartment, Sal finds the missing piece of the puzzle box allowing him to solve it. Inside, he finds a mysterious computer chip which he takes to Todd. When Todd installs the chip, Sal is transported to the White Room where he again encounters the Phantom, who assures him that everything will make sense in time. When he returns, Sal finds the puzzle box and computer chip have mysteriously vanished and been replaced by a Rubix Cube, and that neither Todd nor Larry have any recollection of the items.

Opening the bedroom door, Sal summons Stacy’s ghost; she says nothing before disappearing. Venturing further into the room, he discovers a hole in the wall, crawling through it and finding it leads to another room. With the Super Gear Boy Sal summons the hanging ghost of Luke Holmes. His ghostly skin peels away to reveal the Red-Eyed Demon. The entity tries to attack Sal but is stopped by Larry using a device Todd created. Realizing the demon’s existence means his father’s disappearance wasn’t the result of a curse, Larry begins to cry as Sal consoles him.

In the present, Sal’s final session with Dr. Enon is nearing its end. Enon expresses disappointment in Sal and dismisses his story. Sal insists he is telling the truth and urges Enon to visit the tree house before being taken away by the guards. Convinced, Enon makes his way to the now dilapidated Addison Apartments and up to the tree house. Larry appears before him and implores him to get Sal out of jail. The sight mortifies Enon causing him to fall from the tree house to his demise.


Achievements Edit

Icon Name Description Unlock Method
Conjure Achievement Conjure Finished episode two. Complete the second episode.
Devour Achievement Devour Find all four seals Find all four seals with the Super Gear Boy.

Seal locations:

  • Kitchen in the basement
  • Charley's room (Room 204)
  • Room 502
  • Hallway near Room 501
Addison Family Achievement The Addison Family Got Addison to talk about his past.
  • Exhaust all of Miss Rosenberg's conversation options.
  • After speaking with Todd about Megan, go to Mr. Addison and ask about Addison Tea.
Unseen Achievement Unseen Broke into 403 and talked with Sanderson's ghost. Break into Room 403 using the crowbar and summon Mrs. Sanderson's ghost with the Super Gear Boy.
In Seeking Providence Achievement In Seeking Providence Completed all chapters of the SBG game. Find and complete all eight chapters of In Seeking Providence.

Chapter Locations:

  • Miss Rosenberg's room (Room 102)
  • Larry's tree house near the photo of Jim Johnson
  • Todd's bathroom
  • Room 403
  • Bedroom in Room 504
  • Room 504 after crawling through the hole
  • Bathroom in Room 504
  • Seal in Charley's room
The Box Achievement The Box Finished the puzzle box story.
  • Retrieve the missing piece from David's apartment.
  • Play through Chapter 2 of In Seeking Providence and find the 3 symbols.
  • Place the symbols on the box in reverse order to how they are found.
  • Talk to Larry and Todd about the puzzle box.
Best Buds Achievement Best Buds Had every optional conversation with Larry. Exhaust every possible conversation with Larry throughout the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to feature a playable character other than Sal Fisher in the main game (not including mini-games); Dr. Enon is briefly playable near the end of the episode.
  • This episode was originally titled "The Treacherous".[1]

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