"I think we should come back to that dream later but for now can you tell me more about the body? [...] The second one, the one from the apartment..."
Dr. Enon to Sal Fisher

Dr. Enon was a psychologist who had sessions with Sal Fisher preceeding his trial.


Dr. Enon was shown to wear professional attire including a white dress shirt, light green slacks, a green tie, and brown shoes. He also wore rounded glasses. One of Dr. Enon's most defining features was his chestnut brown mustache, which matched the rest of his hair.

The impostor that replaces him shares an almost identical appearance with the original Dr. Enon, save for a different hairstyle and mustache.


Because of his profession, Dr. Enon acted very patient and calm when speaking with Sal.

Dr. Enon appeared to be quite observant during his sessions, noticing and pointing out that Sal was upset when he asked about Larry. Despite his rationality during sessions, he was willing to investigate Sal's claims when he visited Larry's Treehouse, thus showing an immense sense of empathy.

On the other hand, Dr. Enon's impostor is loyal to the cause of the cult and coldly affirmed that Sal's condition did not warrant an insanity plea.


Dr. Enon was Sal's court-assigned psychiatrist to better discern whether or not Sal was insane. Various interviews were conducted in an effort to find the answer.

One such interview took place a few days before Sal's trial, asking about his recurring dreams regarding his deceased mother. Enon proceeded to pry for details regarding Sal's encounter with Sandy Sanderson's corpse.

Sal willingly shared the story of Larry and their efforts to bring Charley Mansfield to justice for the suspected murder of Sanderson, but Enon writes most of it off as a potential trigger for Sal's alleged criminal activities. When the doctor pushed Sal for information about Larry Johnson he initially becomes tight-lipped, but when he was finally willing to speak the session came to an end.

After his second session, Sal told Dr. Enon to look for the tree house. Although initially hesitant, the doctor honored Sal's request, but upon finding nothing to prove Sal's stories or innocence, the doctor became annoyed with himself for the faith he placed in the convict. Before he could leave, the Ghost of Larry appeared and begged him for aid, but the supernatural occurrences only cause Enon to faint and plummet to his death.

Afterward, the Devourers of God replaced Dr. Enon with an imposter to testify against Sal and eliminate his chances of pleading insanity, resulting in him receiving the death penalty.


  • He was the only person to believe that Sal was not guilty.
  • He was a superstitious man.
  • Dr. Enon was the first playable character other than Sal Fisher.
    • The second was Larry Johnson, who played a part of the maze in The Bologna Incident and, again, played a part of Addison's Apartments in The Trial but as a ghost.
  • His name is word-play; When the name "Enon" is spelled backward, it becomes the word "None".
  • He has a wedding ring on his left ring finger, which implies that he is married.
  • Dr. Enon writes with his left hand, while (presumably) taking notes during his sessions with Sal.
  • Going by the release date of each Episode, he is the first character to see Sal's real face without prosthesis, the other ones are Henry Fisher, Ashley Campbell, and Larry Johnson.
    • Chronologically, however, he is the fourth character.
  • Enon is one of the three characters to be replaced by the cult, the others being Clare Nettles and Charley Mansfield.


Strange Neighbors

The Wretched

The Trial


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