Diane Fisher was the wife of Henry Fisher and mother of Sal Fisher prior to her death before the main story. Following her death, her husband and son moved from New Jersey to Nockfell for a fresh start.


Diane was depicted as a young and beautiful woman with a cheerful disposition in Sal's dreams of her. As he was quite young at the time her death, many details Sal remembers about her are quite ambiguous. She had shoulder length, sunny blonde hair and wore a chocolate-colored dress with darker ballet flats. Her wedding ring is also seen on her left hand.

In Sal's hospital dream, Diane was depicted wearing a hospital gown.


Diane was shown to have been a very loving and selfless person. She was willing to indulge in her son's exploratory actions. Not much is shown of her true personality, and what is shown is biased and extremely vague as Sal was quite young when she passed away. Little tidbits revealed by Henry also lead to the same conclusion that Diane was a lovely lady and had a cheerful disposition to those around her.


There were not much known about Diane's life prior to her death. All that is known that she married Henry Fisher and together they had a son, Sal Fisher. Her death alone is shrouded in uncertainty as it was claimed to have been a dog attack, however, it's revealed that the "dog" was, in fact, a man wearing a dog mask (presumably Kenneth Phelps) and wielding a shotgun, intent on ending the boy's life due to the prophecy foretelling that a young boy would foil the Devourers Of God's plans. The boy survived the encounter but at the cost of his mother's life. For the years to come, Sal would maintain that his mother was killed by a man, not a wild animal, even if his psychiatrist and father didn't believe him. Sal spent so much time blaming himself for what happened.

Diane's husband and son would eventually move to the Addison Apartments in Nockfell after he sold their old house and lost his job. [1] It was there that they would try to move on from her passing.

Following the arrest of Charley Mansfield for the murder of Sandy Sanderson, nightmares depicting the fateful picnic began to come to Sal. Said nightmares progressed greatly throughout Sal's life, forcing him to take medication to treat it.

Diane makes a second to final appearance to Sal in the hospital morgue alongside Henry in another one of the boy's dreams in the days leading to his trial.

She makes her final appearance in "Memories and Dreams", revealing of how she died.


  • Diane's role is similar to the roles of many mothers who have died and are described in fairy tales. As an example, Sal "mentions" her as the kindest and most gentle woman in the world.
  • She was a loving mother and wife, as far as we can judge by an inscription on a gravestone.
  • At the beginning of Strange Neighbors, her corpse was shown with a strange wound on her scalp, possibly indicating a bite.
    • Her death may have been caused by the attack of the dog that carried rabies.
    • Another possibility is that she was killed by the leader of the cultist group, Kenneth Phelps, who wears a dog mask that closely resembles the dog silhouette that can be seen when younger Sal is traversing through the forest.
      • However, it's later revealed that she was shot dead by Kenneth while trying to protect her son.
  • Sal said that he chose the pink mask because it's Diane's favorite color so that she would recognize him.


Strange Neighbors

The Wretched

Memories and Dreams


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