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The Deadstone is an ancient relic that Larry Johnson received from Miss Rosenberg. It allows Larry to interact with the living world.

How to UseEdit

To use it, press "R" to squeeze it tightly and summon the power from within.

The Deadstone can be used to interact with the pillar in The Trial to allow both Larry and Sal to access the rest of the rooms on each floor of Addison Apartments.

It can also be used to interact with objects in the spirit world (noted by a glowing white vertical lightning bolt) that correlate with objects in the living world. Through this, Larry can assist Sal and uncover objects not yet visible or interactable in the living world.

Larry also used the Deadstone to fight with Red Eyes in Memories and Dreams. Unfortunately, it got destroyed at the end of the battle.


  • This is the first item in the game that is used by Larry instead of Sal.
  • The three purple carvings on the front of the Deadstone resemble a sad or screaming face.
  • Despite the fact that it was destroyed during the final battle, it was seen sitting next to the picture of Larry's Ghost and radio, suggesting that there is a way to bring Larry back to mortal realm.


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