David is one of the background characters who lives in room 302. He's a strange man, who lives with the dummy called "Sara", he was a drug addict in the past. He also speaks in a Pittsburgh accent.


David is a very lanky man who has a dark skin tone, balding head, and scared black eyes. He is usually seen in his undergarments.


David resided in room 302 of Addison Apartments with his "wife" Sara.

In the winter following the arrest of Charley Mansfield, David aided in Sal Fisher's investigation on the spirits of the apartment complex by providing a crowbar he had been using to prop up his shelf due to his rowdy college neighbors.

A visit inside of David's apartment reveals him to be in possession of the missing piece to Jim Johnson's Puzzle Box.

David, like all the other residents of Addison Apartments, was butchered by Sal to prevent Red Eyes from spreading.


  • David was a drug addict in his youth and told Sal not to repeat his mistake.
  • The wedding photograph in his room showed David and Sara getting married.
  • Sal addresses Sara as though she were living to not hurt David's feelings.
  • David and Charley are similar characters in terms of attire and unhealthy habits.
  • Sara being a mannequin is likely a call-back to the series "Twin Peaks" and a character called the Log Lady, who carried a log and treated it as a human being.
    • This is made more possible due to the Twin Peaks-parody poster in Sal's room.


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