The Cognition Key is a computer chip that was sealed inside Jim Johnson’s Puzzle Box.

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At some point, Jim Johnson placed the chip inside his Puzzle Box, which was kept in Larry Johnson’s tree house following his disappearance.

When Sal Fisher managed to solve and open the box, he gave the chip to Todd, who proceeded to install it onto his computer. Once the chip had bonded to the computer’s motherboard, Sal was suddenly enveloped in white light and transported to the White Room. There, a jumbled voice (belonging to Jim Johnson in the form of the Phantom) spoke to Sal, telling him to not be afraid and more will be revealed in time.

Once the vision ended and Sal had returned, both the Puzzle Box and Cognition Key had mysteriously vanished and somehow been replaced with a Rubix cube. Furthermore, neither Todd nor Larry had any recollection of the items.

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