Clumpy the Mutant Monkey is a mini-game that’s playable in “The Bologna Incident”. Within the world of Sally Face, Clumpy is a game for a console resembling the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Winning the game unlocks the “Clumpy!” achievement.

Gameplay Edit

Clumpy is a side-scrolling game that’s meant to emulate games from the 16-bit era (particularly, those on the SNES). The player assumes the role of Clumpy, a mutant monkey, battling against mutant flies. In order to win, the player must survive and reach 1,000 points, which are earned by killing flies.

How to unlock Edit

In order to unlock the mini-game, the player must follow these steps:

  • While exploring the high school, get the sticky tack from the science lab.
  • In Addison Apartments, go to Robert’s room (Room 401) and use the sticky tack on the half-fallen poster. The player will receive a quarter in return.
  • Go to the first floor and buy a cup of Addison Tea from Mr. Addison.
  • Take the tea to Janis in Room 202. She will give Sal a chocolate bar in exchange for the tea.
  • Take the chocolate bar to Chug, who will then give the player the game cartridge.
  • Go to the basement and play the game on Larry’s television.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, this is the only mini-game that’s not played on the Gear Boy/Super Gear Boy.
  • In addition, this is the only mini-game that doesn’t center around any of the game’s characters or their backstories.
  • Posters for Clumpy can be seen in both Ashley and Larry’s lockers.

Gallery Edit

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