Chug is Sal's classmate and friend.


Chug is a rather obese individual who will take any food at any opportunity and is currently the only person at Nockfell Highschool to enjoy the "bologna" sandwiches besides Travis Phelps.

Chug lives in the Addison Apartment complex at Room 303 often snacking on a chocolate bar or waiting for his parents to return from work.


Chug was very gluttonous and greedy, refusing to return possessions that are not rightfully his without being bribed. However, he does have a caring side when he bit the bullet and traveled to room 504 to make sure Sal was safe.

When he got older, he had a great fondness for his daughter, Soda, and his wife, Maple, valuing the time they spent together.


Chug first meets Sal Fisher the day of Mrs. Sanderson's death where he confides in the boy his belief of ghosts roaming the building, a sentiment echoed by his new companion. After being bribed with a quarter, Chug surrenders ownership of the key for Room 504 to Sal and later ignores his fears and travels to the accursed room to check on Sal when he was gone for too long. An agreement was then made: Sal would get to keep the key if Chug could avoid returning to level 5 underneath any circumstances.

A couple of months following the arrest of Charley Mansfield, Chug meets Sal yet again in the halls of the basement level, waiting for the vending machine to be refilled. When Chug is questioned about the existence of a Red-Eyed Demon he questions if Sal was intending to give him nightmares.

Chug is not seen again until the Bologna Incident where he is seated with Sal and his friends enjoying lunch, something he considered to be the only good part of the day. He is adamant that the bologna sandwiches were not tainted or expired when Sal and the gang questioned its origin. After insisting that the search for the bologna's origin was futile he helps himself to Maple's PB&J.

Upon returning to Addison Appartments, Chug patiently awaits the return of his parents, panicked as they were later than normal. After being offered a chocolate bar by Sal he calms down and returns Larry's video game Clumpy the Mutant Monkey.

A couple of years later, Chug married Maple and had a daughter named Soda and continued to reside in Room 303 after his parents moved out. The day of the Red-Eyes infestation, Chug and his daughter were both infected by Red Eyes and were sequentially slaughtered by Sal Fisher to prevent it from spreading.


  • The Bologna Incident is the only time Chug is seen without his cap.
  • Chug and Soda cannot be viewed whilst covered in black goop due to the capsule being driven down to the next floor before they can be viewed.


The Wretched

The Bologna Incident

The Trial