Ashley Campbell is a close friend of Sal Fisher and is in a friend group alongside him, Larry Johnson and Todd Morrison.


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Ashley is shown to possess a very loyal and calm personality. After helping Sal with his bleeding face when punched by Travis Phelps, it is clear that she is quite kind-hearted and accepting of Sal even when the mask is off of his face, and helping with the bologna mystery. It should be noted that she is the only one in the group that does not believe in ghosts.

She loves art and is the best artist in the group. Ashley is revealed to have been an old friend of Larry's and she is the one who taught him everything he knows about art.

During Sal's college days, the two remained on good terms and even went on a date of sorts to Lake Wendigo to reminisce and divulge their woes.


Episode 2: The Wretched

Ashley first becomes acquainted with Sal Fisher a couple of months after the arrest of Charley Mansfield. Sal visits Todd's house and meets Ashley right after they finished a tutoring session.

Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

In the days leading up to the Bologna incident, Ashley, Larry, Todd, and Sal have become inseparable friends and she willingly stands up to Travis Phelps for bullying Sal in the halls.

After an exchange of wits, Sal was punched in the face by Travis. Ashley then cleans up the wound and offers to get even with the bully; an offer that Sal declines.

After a particularly nasty batch of bologna is served at Nocksfell High, Ashley agrees to help Sal get to the bottom of the lunch meat's origin. Her efforts in the school proved to be for nought as no evidence resided within the janitor's closet like she originally suspected.

Babysitting her younger brother Benjamin prevented Ashley from investigating the bologna supplier, Mrs. Packerton's Apartment Room 201.

When her father returns home early, she quickly drives to Addison Apartments to further aid in the ongoingly peculiar investigation of the meat. After accidentally scaring Larry and Sal, they enter a room filled with newspaper clippings of the missing students at Nocksfell High, various sharp tools, and a trunk full of deboned flesh.

Satisfied that the case had been closed, the group makes their leave until Campbell discovers a trash chute hidden behind a painting of a farm and accidentally falls down it into the temple of the Devourers of God hidden below Addison Apartments.

Ashley is knocked unconscious from a collision with a pile of bones that likely once belonged to the missing students. Fortunately, she is found by Sal and Larry and is safely extracted from the mysterious complex.

Upon returning to the surface the team debates what to do with Mrs Packerton to prevent her from killing any more innocents and when Larry suggests murdering the aged teacher, Ashley and Todd agree but Sal insists that they sleep on it. The next day they discover that Packerton had been killed by a drunk driver.

Episode 4: The Trial

On the day of the Mass Murder at Addison Apartments, Sal and Ash went on a "date" to Lake Wendigo to catch-up and make up for lost time. Ashley is sympathetic to Sal's recurring nightmares and troubles finding genuine peace even after the local cult had gone underground. The two relinquish their stress by screaming to the skies.

Later, Ash received a series of calls from Sal, detailing the unfolding plot of the Devourers of God and the spread of Red-Eyes' infection. Against Sal's wishes, Ash contacted the Nockfell Police Department and rushed to Addison Apartments only to find Sal, covered in blood and standing over the corpses of all of the apartment building's residents.

Although Ashley testified against Sal, she was convinced that he was a victim of his own madness and should be institutionalized to receive proper help. However, a relentless prosecutor, a story from a replaced Clare Nettles and Dr. Enon, Sal's insanity argument was rejected and replaced with the capital punishment of death by electric chair, much to Ash's dismay.

In the three years that followed, Ash desperately searched for evidence to prove Sal's innocence and retract the death penalty. After exhausting all other options, Ash visited Larry's Treehouse and took a picture of his ghost before rushing to Nockfell Prison to halt the execution.

Unfortunately, she was far too late and could only watch as her best friend was put to death.


  • Ashley is one of the few characters to have seen Sal's face without his prosthetic, the other ones are Henry Fisher, Larry Johnson and Dr. Enon.
  • One of the fans asked; "Ashley was created to break Sally/Larry pairing?" Steve said that she's an irreplaceable character and she plays a big role in the game.
  • In the end of The Bologna Incident it becomes clear that Ashley will oppose Sal.
  • She is a first character who has a siblings; a little brother.
    • Also, she is a first character who has a cousin.
  • Steve Gabry stated that one of her bad habits is biting her nails. [1]
  • She is briefly playable while on her motorcycle en route to Sal's execution.


The Wretched

The Bologna Incident

The Trial


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