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• 1/3/2019

Decent Wiki... Needs More Info

I've noticed going through a lot of these pages that there's a lot of assumption of facts in some of the articles. It'd be great if there could be a more collaborative effort when it comes to the unconfirmed theories, and looking for actual evidence to back these theories up. Some of it is minor, just little pet-peeves... but some of it sounds far-fetched and is presented in a way that makes casual readers think it's fact without actual sources.

Granted, I was NOT here for the weird vandal-raid that happened a bit ago; I've only seen the aftermath comments on the wiki pages. It could be that the original wiki was more polished and put together and it's still just in recovery.

Regardless, there's a lot that could be done to improve this wiki; I'll try to do my part, as well.

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• 7/29/2018

Comments on "Sally Face Wiki"

Well, I changed a lot of Wiki pages here but i can't read the comment because they're full of hate. Why ae you calling someone's work "vandalism"? I personaly did a lot for this Wiki and it's very offensive for me, to read such comments. Please, be kind to those, who's trying to make Sally Face Wiki better
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• 5/1/2018


This is a lovely Wiki, I really like it. I tried to make a Wordmark for it, tried my best but I don't really know. It would be nice if someone tried to make one too, just to see what Wordmark we could use for this community.
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• 8/16/2017

Game Engine?

Does anyone know what game engine was used for Sally Face?
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